Staying over there and visiting Frankie & Benny's there was only Princess M and her granddaughter Georgia (a new recruit), Katy, Chris IOM and Thimble. However Tessa and Kimmers (2 founding members) were determined to be there in spirit if not in body.

Initially they joined the Crew for a meal at F & B’s on Friday night.

Georgia (M’s GD) was delighted to meet them and they all immediately bonded.

The next morning they tucked into breakfast at the Novotel before setting off for the FOQ.

Demanding to be taken to Empress Mills to make the most of their discounts

They then moved on to the PP stand, Katy was delighted to see them again but, being camera shy, she insisted on taking the picture of Tess and Kimmers with Thimble,  forgetting she had already been caught on camera the previous night ;)

The day would not have been complete without grabbing some Freebies so we all queued for a while and….

The bags are aptly labelled!

They were then happy to settle for lunch in the restaurant

After travelling all around the show they were happy to return to the hotel to ‘chill out’ before the big night out.

So it was off to Frankie & Benny’s again for a good meal and a little fun

We needed to work the meal off so took a shuttle ride to the train station and back

They insisted on showing  M and Thimble how to hang off the pole! Kimmers is soooo much better at it!!!

However we all agreed shuttle riding is fun.

After so much excitement we returned to the Novotel reception for a quiet sit down.

However after Kimmers got cross because we didn’t have any cake, and threw herself on the floor under the doormat.

She and Tessa were sent outside for creating a noise, but begged to be let back in.

So we relented and allowed them to rejoin the crew but only after all the fuss they created had ensured that they appeared on the TV news

After all this excitement it was time for bed so we headed up in the lift

Tessa claimed her reputation had been trashed but Kim insisted that she was only an innocent bystander, and it hadn’t been her fault.

It was then time for bed so Tessa and Kimmers wished everyone a goodnight

And settled down, happy after an exciting day.

We are now on countdown to Festival of Quilts 2015.

The Comin Thro Crew would like to thank Zak from F & Bs, for his patience, good humour and photography skills, and the staff at Empress Mills for joining in the fun.