Martingale & Company $19.99

ISBN 978-1-56477-933-5 (s/b 126 pages)

This isn’t a quilting book, but it would appeal to readers with an interest in a variety of handicrafts or textiles, especially those with children. “Felting for Kids” features 44 great projects for wet felting, a process of making handmade felt from carded wool, soap, water and a lot of elbow grease. It is a lot of fun, and simple enough that even small children can produce a lovely piece of fabric with a bit of help from an adult. The wet felting process is dealt with in a couple of pages at the beginning of the book, there isn’t a huge amount of detail, but then it is not a complex process! The project designs are mostly concerned with what you make with your finished pieces of felt. These are fully illustrated, photographed and described with clear instructions. The projects are grouped into four sections, Baby, Princess, Love and Cool. These are essentially young/older boys and young/older girls themes, and cover some common shapes and patterns. The designs are quite simple and have a distinctly Scandinavian feel, they certainly appeal to my children, who were very interested in this book. If you feel like doing something a bit different, which doesn’t require lots of new expensive equipment, then this is good place to start.