Our fabric from Zazzle arrived a while ago, and has been passed on to Rosemary, Sophie and myself so that we can see what it's like to sew with and how it washes. We're all very impressed with it so far. It feels like good quality, and the weight is nice for patchwork, and the photo printing is much better than printing on fabric at home. My only objection is that I like it all too much to cut it up, but that's not new, or much to complain about!

Here's a few photos of the fabric we created. The photo below is the set of Fat Quarters together. These are very generous sizes, as they are based on 54" wide fabric, which is a bonus!

This is Sophie's butterfly fabric, based on a photograph of her silk butterflies, which I thought might make a pretty design. This piece has gone away to be made up by a local designer who works with Sophie, possibly as a clutch bag lining. The colours in this are quite muted, but the overall effect is very pretty.

These are Rosemary's lily and poppy flower designs, which I manipulated with a kaleidoscope effect. Rosemary is in the process of reviewing these, so we'll hear from her about them soon, but I love them. Sometimes it's difficult to get a tiled effect to work if your photo doesn't have a defined motif, which can be extracted from the background easily. These flower photos were gorgeous, but they were a bit of a challenge as the flowers extended beyond the edge of the photo. However, the Zazzle photo upload tool is great fun to play with, so it's actually more fun with a more difficult photo.

Here are some of my designs based on my Indian photos. Again, I've used a mirror tiling arrangement for the parasols to create a kaleidoscope, and a mirror image for the temple. The temple fabric is my favourite, I wish I'd ordered a larger piece of this one! I'd really like incorporate this into some clothes, so I'm on the look out for a suitable pattern. Let me know if you can think of one!