May issue 

Storm at Sea lap quilt page 38 

The pattern template A for this pattern has been printed too large. The correct size should be 4in square. 


June Issue 

Seminole quilt page 51 

Strip sizes should be cut as follows: 

Hi: 4.5in x 38in 

Hii: 7.5in x 38in 

Hii: 6.5in x 38in 

Fiii: two of 3.5in x 38in 


This therefore means that the total fabric of H required is 26in (or 3/4 yard rather than 1/2 yard). 

Total fabric of F required is 20in (rather than 1/2yd/18in). 


These new measurements mean that you can now proceed with: No.16 cut into eight 4.5in strips. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you are buying the Seminole quilt kit from the Caroline Alice website, the measurements have all been amended and the kits are correct.


September Issue

Unfortunately 3 of the fabric referenced in Stuart Hillard’s mystery quilt project  (September issue) are incorrect.

8483E should be 8484Y

8483p should be 8482Y

8482P should be 8482v

Please see the updated fabric and relevant code on the pdf here