The European House 

The exhibition area in Liepvre, The European House, is showcasing 'Colour Symphony', produced by the Latvian Quilt Association, and celebrating 20 years of the National Association of Italian Quilts. The French Patchwork Association have staged three themed exhibitions this year, 'The Ladies from the Coast', a exhibition of work by children, 'Holiday' and 'Draw me a Model'. Modern Movement, a Hungarian group, are also celebrating a 10th anniversary, and will be presenting two specially created works by each of the nineteen members in 'On 19 Voices'


Left: Ilze SULJA, Passion, 'Colour Symphony, Quilts from Latvia', Latvian Quilt Association

Right: Laura ARMIRAGLIO, Roma amor, 'Quilt Italia, 20 years together', National Association of Italian Quilt


Left: Louise-Marie STIPON, Petits Carrés, 'The Ladies from the Coast', French Patchwork Association

Right: Agnes SZOMOR, Capricco, 'On 19 Voices', Modern Movement, Hungary

Traditional Exhibitions

There will be exhibitions of traditional work in Eglise Saint-Nicolas and Espace Expositions in Sainte-Croix-aux-Mines. The first, 'Passing on the Comfort', is a display of Mennonite quilts sent from the USA and Canada to Holland during WW2. The second exhibition is entitled 'Old Quilts. New Life' and features work by Sarah Fielke, inspired by quilts from the American Folk Art Museum. You may recognise this quilt, Plantings, as we published Sarah's pattern in the June 2016 issue of Popular Patchwork.


Left: Unknown, Nine-Patch (denim), Passing on the comfort

Right: Sarah FIELKE, Plantings, Old Quilts. New Life

Contempory Exhibitions

Contemporary work will be displayed in Lieu d'Art et de Culture and Espace des tisserands, Sainte-Marie-Aux-Mines. Thread Poetry by Malin Lager from Sweden will Malin Lager will show 'Lustrous Reflections of Venice'  and her recent portraits, a new development of her work. Color Improvisations II, co-ordinated by Nancy Crow, these quilts represent very broad ranges of investigations and interpretations. 


Left: Malin LAGER, Virve, Thread Poetry

Right: Connie CARRINGTON, Glimpse of my new country, Color Improvisations II

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See below for a list of other artists and groups featured

AFHAM (FR), Annie AGIUS (FR), Beate ANGELONI & Jutta BOHMLER (DE), ASCLVL (FR), Beauvillé (FR), Rachel Covo & Orna Ron (IL), Nancy Crow (US), Deutsch-Afghanische Initiative & Association Textile Résonance (DE et FR), Concours Mandala, Juliette Eckel (DE), Sarah Fielke (US), France Patchwork, Group Quilt Art, Han Quilt Association (KR), Eva Have (DK), Gudrun HEINZ & Sarah SCHULTZ (DE), Hungarian Modern Movement (HU), Ann Johnston (US), Lynn Kaplanian-Buller & An Keuning-Tichelaar, Brigitte Kopp (DE), Denise Labadie Snell (US),  Malin Lager (SE), Latvian Quilt Association (LV), Jacques Légeret (CH), Jane Lury (US), National Italian Patchwork & Quilting Association, Cosabeth Parriaud (FR), QuiltenFrance (FR), SAQA (EU), Artistes du séminaire 2015, Edyta Sitar (US), SnipSISters (DE), Ina Statescu (FR), Val Patch (FR) and Jeltje Van Essen & Kim Caskey