As most of you know, we have had really generous contributions of the central heart blocks from lots of you on this wonderful Forum and that has been a great addition to our efforts. Your generosity has been such that we ended up with more blocks than we needed for the main quilt. As a result, we now have a long list of fantastic prizes on offer, as you will see from the photographs. All the proceeds of the lottery will go towards improving life in the village where our normal funds are pretty limited and in which there are also many elderly people.

How the lottery will be organized

French rules require this and we are obviously going to be selling the tickets over here too! However, in principle, it is a question of estimating how long it took us to make the MAIN quilt within a range of 115 hours minimum to 135 hours maximum, in divisions of 1 minute. Only actual making time is included – NOT the unavoidable unpicking and redoing!! The cost is £1.50 per guess or £4.00 for 3. Once you have decided what your choices of times are, just email them to me at I will email you confirmation that your guesses are entered. You can either send the money to me by PayPal or, if you don’t have a PayPal account, by cheque to Rosemary (to keep the postage costs down for you) She has kindly offered to then send those on to me. If you need Rosemary’s postal address, just to PM her. Also PM me for my PayPal address.

As a tremendous amount of time and effort has gone into organising all of this, I would be incredibly grateful if you would not only buy guesses for yourselves but perhaps you could persuade family and friends to do the same. Every single ticket sale will really help to make it all worthwhile . Rosemary has kindly helped us to make fabulous labels for the back of the quilts featuring the flags of all the countries whose “citizens” took part in making the quilts – YES Chris, even that of the Isle of Man!! - plus a text, in French, explaining which groups of ladies contributed to it all.



The objective is to guess the time it took, in total, for the LARGE QUILT to be made from start to finish – the other quilted items on the prize list are not included in the time.

The range of time, in divisions of one minute, from which you can choose your entry is 20 hours starting from 115 hours and ending with 135 hours, in divisions of 1 minute.- e.g. 124 hrs and 51mins The ACTUAL TIME is to be found anywhere in this range.

The cost per guess is £1.50 or 3 for £4.00

Eric Hay, Rosas, Ste Orse is only one who knows the actual total which he has placed in a sealed envelope. The winners will be announced at 8pm on Sunday 23rd August 2015 at the Village Fête Patronale in Ste Orse.

If only one ticket has the correct time, the remaining prizes will be allocated with reference to those nearest to the correct total.

If more than one person has chosen the correct time, all of the correct guesses will go into a “hat” and the prizes will be allocated in the order in which the tickets are drawn

If there are prizes remaining at this point, this same rule will apply to the subsequent prizes.

The winners will collect their prizes either on the night or personally at an arranged time. Otherwise, we will pay for the main prize to be posted to either the UK or another country in the Eurozone. Out with this area, the winner may pay the balance of the postage over and above this cost. For all other prizes, we will pay the equivalent of the postage cost within France and the winner may pay the balance to have the prize posted out to them. In the case of the cushions, only the covers will be posted and we promise to make the parcel as small.