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ISBN 1402744334 (s/b 144 pages)

'Embellished Fashions'by Mickey Baskett If you are interested in fashion or just feeling the pinch financially, this book could be ideal. It is full of ideas of how to embellish clothes to make them more interesting. The ideas are split into chapters covering beads and jewels, fabric appliqué, iron-on motifs, paint, embroidery, sewing, cutwork and trims. The projects take a ready made garment and add an individual touch. Whether you decide to go through your wardrobe and add unique touches to some of your plainer garments or go to bargain stores and buy a few cheap t-shirts to experiment with, you are sure to find ideas here. There are clear photographs and diagrams showing the different stages and useful comments such as buttons for embellishment don’t need to be sewn on as securely as buttons for fastening. Having seen a t-shirt in a designer store just last week, which was embellished with buttons, I know which will be my first project. Perfect for teenagers or the young at heart.