Last summer, Ros suggested we had a challenge to repurpose recycled denim. I really like this idea, I have a big bag of old jeans here, and they are very cheap to pick up in a charity shop.

Our challenge to you is for as many people to make a small item from old denim fabric, in the next three weeks. Your item should be complete by midnight 23rd February 2012, and you will need to email a photograph of it to me, finished or not, to, by that time. We will then have a vote, and the favourite item will win a small prize.

Please do not put any pictures up of your denim delight in progress! We only want  a photo of the finished OR NOT article by 23rd February. You can make whatever you like, and it is yours to keep or give away as you wish. QG Region 13 is running a Stitch A Gift tombola this year at FOQ, so if you need motivation and a purpose for your denim delight, I'm sure they would love some donations.
Ros has found loads of examples of things you might like to make, and if you're desperate for denim, I can probably post people a spare jeans leg if required! If you're a subscriber, then take a look at Delights of Denim by Chris Hammacott, in the August 2011 issue of Popular Patchwork to find more about the history and use of denim fabric.


Tutorials and Inspiration

Off you go!

Any questions, join in with the discussion in the forum, or email