Size: 19" square


  • 50cm Grey tweed*
  • 25cm Square pale grey tweed
  • 25cm Square Green tweed
  • 25cm Squre bright pink tweed
  • Scrap ivory tweed
  • Scrap blue tweed
  • Assorted wool threads**
  • 3, Small pink buttons – optional
  • 2, Blue buttons – optional
  • 11" Zip
  • 50cm Fusible web
  • 19" Square lightweight iron-on Vlieseline
  • Scrap tracing paper
  • 20" Cushion pad










This Daisies in a Can cushion is the second in a series of tweed cushions from Margaret. The Bird in the Window cushion was featured in the October issue (issue 285) and the last cushion will be in the December issue.

The full article is in the November 2017 issue of British Patchwork and Quilting magazine