The morning after the needlework episode of Kirstie's Handmade Britain, we were inundated with comments about the cushion Kirstie made on the program, which won 'Best in Show'.  Although it is great to see a good craft based programme on TV, and Kirstie is very enthusiastic and genuine about each task she undertakes, many of us were a little confused as to why it took Kirstie seven weeks to make her admittedly pretty little cushion. With this is in mind, Jan set a challenge to the PP forum. We were to re-create a cushion similar to Kirsties in construction,  in seven days. Some of us chose to follow the example of Kirstie's design, whilst others used combination of patchwork, applique, a flower, some quilting and embroidery to come up with something new.

We all had a week to make and photograph our cushions. We had fourteen entries, and voted for a winner from the anonymous photos. Katy's, Jytte's and Juliet's cushions were chosen as the favourites, but as you can see, they were all great. Thanks to Jan for organising us, and thanks to Margaret, Marian, Juliet, Sylvia, Tessa, Margaret B, Angela, Jytte, Pam, Carol, Irene, Di and Jan for your entries. If you would like to make a version of Kirstie's cushion for yourself, the instructions can be found on the Channel 4 website. The first cushion in our display here is Kirstie's original.