CD Book by Rainbow Disks £12

ISBN: 978-1-906314-16-3

This CD book is a follow up to Annette's previous book Glitzy Quilts and is a source of new ideas for making contemporary quilts. She creates innovative textile surfaces for quilters and embroiderers and is committed to using any available recyclable items such as wrapping paper, mesh bags, sweet papers, buttons and, of course, fabric. She enthusiastically shares her new ideas and encourages experimenting. She is a quilt artist crossing the boundaries between quilting and embroidery. Whilst she writes in a chatty friendly style, she also provides excellent detail, especially about the use of new products. Details are given for simple projects using the techniques. There are lots of pictures of Annette's work to inspire you, whilst encouraging you to think sideways by producing your own fabrics and then thinking ' what if?' She makes her own fabrics by putting scraps of fabric on Vilene, then layering with sheers before transforming them with stitch and burning. She weaves fabrics on a wire frame. She explains experimentation with her mistakes such as buying a cotton/polyester fabric which dyed unevenly but also burned rather interestingly, turning a mishap into a work of art. She describes various methods of using image transfer and manipulation of photos to make up a collage, and describes printing techniques, even using old embroidery transfers then adding paint and stitch to build up colour and texture. There's a chapter on 'Trash' quilts . . . old or unwanted quilts that are painted with acrylic to cover up imperfections but also to highlight the texture of the quilting; they are then cut up and restitched to produce new pieces. Overall, an interesting, inspiring and informative book. Although I would have preferred a paper copy of the book so I could use it in my studio, I have the option to print the pages I want, whenever I want, with the added advantage of feeling free to scribble my comments on them as I still have them on disk.