Country Hearts


  • Assorted fabric scraps (charm squares are ideal)
  • 4cm of 112cm width fabric for binding
  • Large rusty heart
  • 5" wire hanger
  • 15 x 30cm calico for backing
  • 15 x 30cm 2oz polyester wadding
  • Small scraps of fusible webbing (Bondaweb)
  • Stranded embroidery thread

Note: A 0.5cm seam allowance is included in all measurements supplied.

Finished Size

10.5 x 29cm (4 1/4 x 11 1/2") Metric project!

Skill Level


You can download a pdf copy of the original magazine pages for this project here, Country Hearts


  1. Cut three rectangles 6.5 x 8cm from light fabrics for the centres. Lesley has used three different fabrics, but you can use only one if you prefer.
  2. Using the rusty heart as a template, cut two hearts from the fusible webbing. Iron each fusible heart onto the reverse of two red squares which are slightly larger than the heart. Cut out the fabric heart and iron onto top and bottom centre rectangles.
  3. From contrasting fabrics, cut various strips approximately 2cm wide. Sew the long sides of the strips together to form a single piece of stripped fabric (Figure 1). Cut the sewn fabric at right angles into two strips 2.5 x 7cm for the inner border. Cut the remaining fabric into 3cm wide strips - you will need two 7cm long and two 29cm long.
  4. Using Figure 2 as a guide, sew the short borders to the central rectangles, remembering that the wider strips are on the outside edge. Press. Sew on the two longer borders and press.
  5. Using two strands of stranded embroidery thread add decorative running stitch around the appliquéd hearts.
Figure 1: Cutting the strip pieced
border into 2.5cm sections
Figure 1: Cutting the strip pieced border into 2.5cm sections
TIP! In order to get the longer borders, sew together two shorter stripped lengths.
Figure 2: Cutting the strip pieced
border into 2.5cm sections
Figure 2: Layout of the Country Heart quilt

Quilt Sandwich

  1. Layer the sandwich of ironed calico, wadding and pieced top panel. Smooth any wrinkles and secure the layers with pins, starting from the centre and working outwards.
  2. Quilt around each rectangle by hand or machine to add definition. Remove pins and trim the backing and wadding to the same size as the front panel.
TIP! If using smaller fabric pieces, you can cut the binding as shorter lengths and join to make a 105cm length.


  1. Cut a strip of fabric 4 x 105cm for the binding and press.
  2. Starting in the middle of one edge of the quilt and with right sides together, sew the binding to the quilt. When 0.7cm from the corner, backstitch a little and remove quilt from the machine. Fold the binding up at 45° and then back down to align it with the adjacent quilt edge - this gives enough spare fabric to fold over to the back of the quilt for a neat mitred corner. Pin and stitch. Continue sewing the binding around the edge and finish neatly by folding at an angle at the starting point.
  3. Fold the binding to the back of the quilt, turn under and hem, leaving a pocket at the top of the quilt.
  4. Sew on the rusty heart using stranded embroidery thread. Slip the quilt onto a wire hanger.

First published in Popular Patchwork March/April 2001