Since 1993 Popular Patchwork magazine has been providing quilters with inspiring projects and the latest news. We publish 13 issues a year, one each month with an additional bag special in late spring. Our readers’ skill level ranges from beginners to experienced, but they are united by a love of sewing and fabric. Each issue has a range of projects and features that take inspiration from contemporary homewares and styles. 

We accept commissions throughout the year, however we are usually working at least 3 issues ahead so do consider the season your project is suitable for.  It is a good idea to look through a recent issue of Popular Patchwork the see the types of projects and features we have in the magazines, and how they are presented. 


  1. Read through the latest issues to gain an idea of the style of quilts and projects we feature 
  2. Ensure the design is yours, and not copied from another designer's work. This can be tricky to define but roughly speaking it does not apply to traditional techniques and blocks. Inspiration can be taken from elsewhere but must be properly credited.
  3. Email a ‘pitch’ to the editor describing your project and with photos or rough illustrations. You will receive a reply within 3 weeks letting you know if you are successful or not. If we cannot accept your project do not be disheartened, we get lots of queries and sometimes it may be due to us having another project in that style or fabric already commissioned for that season.

If successful you will be emailed a word template in which to write the pattern and we will require step by step photographs or illustrations. The sample will need to be posted to us to be photographed, and then it is returned to you. 


We invite features with a quilting or textile theme that are of interest to our readers, as well as interviews and opinion pieces. If you have an idea email the editor with short description of your feature. 


The fee is agreed when we offer the commission and you will be sent a rights form to give us permission to use your work. Payment is made direct to the contributors bank account 30 days after the issue goes on sale. 

News Items

We have a regular news and reviews section in the magazine and on our website. If you have something that may be of interest to our readers send us an email.

Please send submissions or queries to


To add an entry email with the county, start and end dates, a title, details of the event, admission times and prices, and the full address of your venue including the postcode. Dates need to be submitted 3 months in advance