'Compendium of Quilting Techniques by Susan Briscoe

Search Press £12.99

ISBN 9781844484041 (s/b 158 pages)

This really is a great staple for any quilter's library and I love the fact that it is well illustrated with full colour photographs showing products, patchwork and quilted samples and step-by-step pictures. Susan has introduced 'Fix it' and 'Try it' boxes for each technique which allow her to pass on all of her tips and secrets in an easily digestible way. Each technique typically takes up a two page spread so you get enough of an introduction without being overloaded. It offers a great basic introduction for beginners and will also act as a useful reference for experienced quilters who might want to refresh their knowledge. She has included advice on some areas that are often overlooked such as choosing a sewing machine, organizing a quilt show and entering a competitive show. This book offers great value for money and because of its size (approx 7 1⁄2 x 9 1⁄2in), its portable and the ideal companion with a cup of a coffee when out and about!