I was really impressed by the latest in the aptly named "Inspired" DVD series from Colouricious. This new DVD features a great informative recycled textile workshop and is crammed full of great ideas for creating amazing decorative fabric, bowls, boxes and more! "Recycled, Reborn"is presented by the infectiously enthusiastic Jamie Malden, Marilyn Pipe and the rest of the Colouricious team and runs at 74 minutes. As a keen recycler and hoarder myself, I already have problems with refusing to throw away all manner of rubbish, and I've now got loads more excuses. Luckily my family are quite understanding about this, but my friends are often horrified, I'll just have to avoid them for a while! As a result of watching "Recycled Reborn", no-one is allowed to throw away any sweet wrappers or fruit bags, I am collecting up tiny threads from the carpet, and I'm seriously contemplating surreptitiously rescuing used teabags! Just look at the lovely things you can make!

Start with a load of horrid old laddered tights, and end up with these lovely coiled mats and bowls!

If you haven't any tights, you can use some ripped up clothes instead.

I think these are my favourite item, although it's not massively textile based, these gorgeous boxes are made from old sweet wrappers. If boxes aren't your thing, the DVD offers other uses for these lovely bits of bright cellophane and foil, so everyone's happy!

The top prize for innovation goes to the tea cosy made of teabags, which is worth the price of the DVD alone! A small part of me wonders if this is going too far, but the rest of me is so impressed with the antique leather look of the teabag cosy that I really want to try it. Isn't it just brilliant?
Quite a number of the techniques involve creation of a new fabric, and the question is always then, "What do I do with it now?". The Colouricious team use theirs in a variety of ways, from book covers, to make up bags, heart decorations and landscape pictures. Jamie Malden is a keen block printer, and often combines block printing with her recycled techniques. She has an enviable collection of wooden printing blocks, which are also available to buy from Colouricious. They do look lovely, but I am sticking to the recycling and reuse theme, and am determined to make do with what I've already got lying around.

A selection of items made with the reborn fabric
You can buy a copy of "Inspired - Recycled Reborn" or any of the other DVDs from the "Inspired" series, from the Colouricious website. Each DVD is £18, but is really well worth the money, they are well made, entertaining and crammed chock full of ideas.