'Color for the Terrified Quilter, Plain Talk, Simple Lessons,11 Projects' by Ionne McCauley and Sharon Pederson

That Patchwork Place US$26.95

ISBN 978 1 56477 722 5 (s/b 96 pages)

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This book starts with the colour wheel and has exercises in creating one from your fabric stash. It then moves on to using value, again using fabric to practice with. The book is full of exercises, and if you worked through them you would definitely understand colour more. Tricks, like making a medium green appear lighter or darker depending on where it is placed, are really useful when designing quilts. To help you, the book has blocks drawn in black and white outlines and gives you the cutting sizes for the pieces that need to be glued in place for your samples. In the chapter, One Colour Families, the examples showing the same block but with colour placed differently are very useful. There are two quilt projects showing use of a monochromatic colour scheme. The following chapter develops an analogous colour scheme, explained as next-door-neighbours. The book continues in this fashion with ever more complex schemes explained in simple language. The book ends with a chapter on piecing and assembling techniques, quilting is not covered in detail. What is nice about the technique chapters is that the book is by two people and they both give you their preferred methods. If you are methodical and like working through exercises then you will enjoy this book.