Welcome to the third session of the PP 2016 virtual retreat.

We reveal the surprise in this session. I hope you managed to make at least to make four circles in each contrast fabric, as now you'll find out what to do with them to make an Apple Core block to use in a cushion, or as you wish.

Contrast circles

Take each of your contrast circles and crease each one to mark into quarters . This will show you where each circle joins the one next to it

Lay the circles out as shown above. If you only managed eight circles, you'll be able to complete the first set. The first and third rows are arranged under, over, under, over  while the second and fourth rows alternate over, under, over, under. Note that the crease marks show where each circle over or underlaps the other.

Now we need to tack the circles together in pairs.  Take a knotted thread under the gathers at crease of tthe top circle and catch a couple of threads on second circle at crease. Sew back up through the top circle, down through the bottom circle and fasten at back.

Tack all the circles together in pairs then complete the four rows

Lay out rows together in the right order to ensure that the over under pattern is correct in each row.

Take two rows and slot them together, so that the overs go under and the unders go over. Tack together at creases as you did with the pairs. Do this again for the remaining two rows to create a second set.

In the same way, join the two sets of rows together.

Border circles

Crease the ten border circles into quarters as you did for the contrast circles, and layout them out in two rows, overlapping over and under and matching the creases as before. Tack the circles together just as you did previously

Take one border row of tacked together circles and fold carefully in half . Press this row to crease it in half.

Tack the curves in place 1/8” away from from the centre crease on each side. Use a rotary cutter and ruler to slice the circles into two half circle border strips along the creased line.

Repeat for the second border row of circles. You should now have four border semi-circle strips.

Slot the first border onto top of the apple core set and tack as before.

Rotate the whole piece, slot and tack the next border on, there should be a 1/4 circle sticking out at the corner.

Repeat for all four borders, it will now look like this.

Tack or pin the all curves in place and applique them by hand or machine to secure. 

Finishing and final border

Remove the tacking or pins. The back of your work should now look like this, and will be stable.

Carefully cut off the excess circle fabric so it doesn’t show through on the front.

Trim and square the block, then add the straight borders in the usual way.