Welcome to the first session of the PP 2016 virtual retreat.

This session is will tell you how to prepare everything you need to take part in tomorrow's session! If you are really struggling, try to make four circles in each contrast fabric, as you will be able to make a good start tomorrow with those.

You need

  • Freezer paper
  • One Fat Quarter of background/border fabric
  • Two Fat Eighths of contrast fabrics for the circles
  • A 4in circle template. This can be any size really, but 4in or smaller will work with the fabric quantities given here
  • Hand sewing threads needles

Paper Templates

  1. Use your circle template to draw eight circles on the freezer paper. You can draw more if you like, but eight or ten is about right. These templates will be reusuable
  2. Cut out each circle neatly on the line

Contrast Fat Eighths

  1. You need eight fabric circles from each Fat Eighth
  2. Iron your freezer paper templates to the wrong side of one Fat Eighth, leaving a good 1/4in seam allowance around each paper circle
  3. Cut these out, making sure you have the correct seam allowance. You can reposition the freezer paper if needed

  1. Take one of the circles, knot your thread and gather the seam allowance with small running stitches, bringing the seam allowance over the back of the freezer paper
  2. Press the gathered circle
  3. Remove the freezer paper, and put your completed circle and freezer paper template to one side to use later
  4. Repeat steps 4-6 for the remaining seven circles of contrast fabric 1, to make eight circles
  5. Repeat steps 2-7 for contrast fabric 2, reusing the freezer paper templates to make eight more circles

Border and background fabric

  1. You need to cut ten circles and four 1 1/2in border strips from the fat quarter of background fabric, so your Fat Quarter needs to be a true 20 x 18in. 
  2. Repeat steps 2-7 from the instructions above for the background fabric, reusing the freezer paper templates to make ten background circles