Happy New Year! Obviously as we were all good last year all our quilty wishes were granted by Father Christmas right? Or did your family not take the hints you dropped and you were given bath salts again? We are all so lucky these days to have so much quilting inspiration around us whether it’s online or at all the various quilt shows around the country, or your favourite quilting magazine. How different things were less than a generation ago. Whilst we are all tempted by things we see on the internet, don’t forget to support your local quilt shop. They are there to help you enjoy your hobby and are a wealth of support and information. Why not make it your New Year’s Resolution to visit your LQS once a month this year?

We seem to have gone small scale this issue with lots of smaller projects for you to make. Must have been my sub-conscience at work, thinking January can still be a busy time for us all. Our cover shows the wonderful Mosaic Moth Cushion, a new technique for you to try. If you are looking to try new techniques this year, then the African Violets Cushion has them aplenty! The Dala Horse Cushion is a simpler make if time is short. Use your bright prints in the Pinwheel Fun Baby Quilt or practise your appliqué skills with Tahiti Sunrise while the Serenity Quilt is quick pieced and allows you to try different layouts to make your quilt unique.

Your reading this month is also more local and small scale. We take a look at two group exhibitions; Dulwich Quilters and Gone to Pieces while Joanna O’Neill introduces us to the world of making Journal Quilts. We look at the work done to help people with learning difficulties create textiles in Waste to Waist while I tell you about my visit to Makower UK’s new offices (it’s a hard life looking at new fabrics!). Going large we look at the wonderful artwork by Georgia O’Keeffe for inspiration.

New for 2017 we introduce a new short feature First and Last and Colour Me, your chance to colour some of the designs in each issue.