The new collection has classic prints such as:

Wildflowers - a hugely popular design created by Sue Blackwell after she cut out illustrations from an early 19th century ‘Field Guide to Wild Flowers in Britain.’ This beautiful design was used in the latest Cinderella film as the young Cinderella’s dress. 

Tresco - inspired by the world famous sub-tropical Tresco Abbey Garden, and its extraordinary diversity of plant life. The jaw dropping scenery and flora of Tresco led to a succulent series of prints drawn and painted from hand cut plant specimens, still life and photography. This has been one of the most popular Liberty Art Fabric prints since its birth.

Queue for the Zoo - inspired by the childrenswear department in the Liberty of London flagship store, the colourful beasts within this fabric were drawn by children’s author and illustrator OK David. All of the animals in Queue for the Zoo were hand drawn and painted exclusively for Liberty fabrics. 

Gallymoggers Reynard - which was from the amazing Alice in Wonderland collection from 2015. This fabric is a modern interpretation of the Charles Voysey ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ print and an illustrative representation of all of the wonderful characters featured in the novels.

Alice Caroline Garrett, owner and inspiration behind Liberty specialist Alice Caroline said “It’s my favourite time of year when a new Liberty collection is launched and I can delve through the luxurious colours and designs. This collection has been an extra little surprise for us at Alice Caroline as it’s in addition to the new Spring Summer collection which is due out on the 1st January. I love so many of the designs in this collection so it is fantastic news that they have launched them in new colourways."

Alice Caroline specialises in selecting fabrics from the main Liberty Art Fabric collections and combining designs and colours together to form her own unique brand. These are packaged together to give a wonderful choice of colour s for sewing projects. In her studio, she has over 450 different Liberty fabrics to choose from and the selection is ever growing.