'Bodacious Appliqué A La Carte' by
Mandy Southan

American Quilters Society US$29.95

ISBN 9781574329629 (s/b, 96 pages)

DO NOT be deceived by the title. This is a super book for ideas and techniques in appliqué. The bold striking designs are backed up by excellent how-to instructions. The author explains in detail several methods of appliqué. Embellishing and detailing the designs are also explained fully. I liked the strong colours used in the book to emphasize the clarity of the designs. This book takes the myth out of the notion that appliqué is difficult. The easily explained methods of appliqué are backed up by use of coloured pencils and embellishment with thread. The section on tips on machine needles and threads for appliqué I found particularly useful. Also the information on machine stitching which included free motion techniques was in itself invaluable. I found this an interesting book to read full of information, lively and well written with good clear instructions. This book would make an excellent gift for anyone wishing to improve their appliqué techniques, looking for ideas on embellishments or just a really nice book to read. I have already been tempted and cant wait to get started on my appliqué quilt. The problem is the designs are all so good which one do I choose?