Karen Platt is a fully qualified teacher and textile artist who works with stitch, paint, paper and fabric. She designs her own fabrics and art prints, exclusively available through her website www.yarnsandfabrics.co.uk

Karen now has a new range of digitally dyed fabrics. Each design is created individually and is unique, made from Karen's own photographs. You can enjoy creating unique projects with these mix and match textile designs.

All fabrics are available in different sizes and a range of different colours. They can also be supplied on different materials - cotton, linen, silk. Some fabrics are also available as a tiled pattern. The price given on the website is for fabric size A3 (42 x 29 cm) and is available immediately. It will be printed on cotton unless you request another fabric. Alternatively, a metre of this fabric can be printed, but you will need to allow two weeks for dispatch.

Karen says "Yarns and Fabrics is a fusion of my love of yarn, fabric, embroidery threads and colour. I have been a knitter for over 40 years. I fell in love with textiles, embroidery and dyeing. I often make my own pure wool felt using the wet felting method. I love to stitch by hand, machine or using an embellishing machine."

"I create unique fabrics, yarns and threads that are hand dyed. The fabrics include luxurious materials such as pure silk and velvet. I dye many different types of threads including silk and cotton. The colours lift these hand dyed yarns, threads and fabrics out of the ordinary. You can make your work more individual and create something unique by using my hand dyed supplies."

"I also use my own hand dyed fabrics and threads to create textile art and practical gifts that are a joy to receive. I have so far created a collection of hearts, fabric jewellery cuffs and a range of iPad, Macbook, iPhone covers."

"My love of colour also shows in my art – I paint canvases that reflect the emotion I feel when I take up a paint brush. I interpret the landscape around me."

"I enjoy the journey of making things from scratch. You never know where the process might lead. Currently I am engaged in a journey of discovery that is learning from the past to forge a new future."

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Learn how to create your own digitally dyed fabric with Karen

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