This year, Debi Spencer entered her lovely Klimt version of Babs' Sampler in the Great Northern Quilt Show. This is Debi's first quilt, and it won "Best Sampler" in the 2009 exhibition. You can see more photos of the individual blocks and construction in the Debi Spencer's Sampler Quilt album.
Previously, Mavis Pilling won "Best in Show" for her gorgeous beaded interpretation. Mavis stitched an unbelievable 6,400 beads on her "Beadazzled" quilt. There are close up images of some of the blocks in the Mavis Pilling's Sampler Quilt album.
Cecelia Blight also won "Best Sampler" with "2000 Poppies". The William Morris style poppy fabric is beautiful, and the subtle red and green combination is lovely. There is a close up of the square dance block in the Cecelia Blight's Sampler Quilt album. Have a look at the pretty quilting on this block!
Marion Miller hasn't entered her "Coffee and Cream" Sampler Quilt in any competitions yet, but I really think she should! This quilt has real originality, it has its origins in Babs' design, but Marion has certainly added plenty of her own touches. I am not usually drawn to these colours, but this is a fascinating quilt, I really enjoy looking at this one. Have a look at more photos in the Marion Miller Sampler Quilt album.
Sandra Bagnall is another of Babs' promising students. Her Jacobean version of Babs' Sampler has the most beautiful border, and lovely rich colours in all the blocks. More photos in the Sandra Bagnall Sampler Quilt album.
Don't miss Rosemary James' Sampler Quilt, "Glowing Sunset". This one features some lovely fabric and quilting. The Art Nouveau style portrait block is really gorgeous.
Ann Doherty's Sampler Quilt"Anne of Green Gables" quilt has a pretty cottage feel to it. This one would be perfect for my Mother-in-law, she loves both these colours and "Anne of Green Gables"!
Jean Machelec's Sampler isn't complete yet, the quilt top has lots of embroidery already, so Jean will be ready for quilting in no time. There are close-ups of blocks and embroidery in the Jean Machelec's Sampler Quilt album
Julie Pyewell's Amish Sampler is also a work in progress. It is quite a large quilt top by the look of this photo, good luck with quilting it Julie! You can see some of the quilting patterns marked out already in the photos. Babs' says this one was hung sideways by mistake, I'm glad Julie didn't try to standways to match in her photo!
Jean Myles' Sampler may be even bigger! A king size hand quilted work in country colours, I wonder how long it took Jean to quilt this one? Look at the lovely crosshatching on the blocks.
Jean Duffy's Sampler is titled "Spring in Provence", these colours do remind me of warm days. Jean is still working on her sampler.
Veronica Frost's Sampler is also ongoing. I love Veronica's Cello block, the perspective acheived with the appliqué in this one is great.
June Ward's Sampler is made with tea-dyed fabric. Babs wrote an article on tea dyeing for Popular Patchwork in January 2007. The range of shades June achieved is brilliant.
Stephanie Armstrong's Sampler, "Hearts and Flowers" is the most colourful of all, this quilt will really brighten up a room.
Lastly, Babs' Sampler, "Lilac Time" shows off Babs' original concept to perfection, a stunning heirloom sampler quilt, which teaches all you really need to know about patchwork and quilting, and some great new techniques along the way.