Ranging from bright and airy to somber and earthy, the new Aurfil collections each share a unique personality. 

Amanda Murphy

The threads for Amanda Murphy's debut Aurifil collections were selected to coincide with Sewing Room, her upcoming Benartex collection which debuted at Bernina University as well as her Spring Market release, Feathers & Flourishes.  The large box features a variety of 50wt threads in addition to Aurifil's clear monofilament thread, Amanda's choices for both piecing and quilting. The small box features her top choices in both 12wt & 28wt, making it an excellent  sampler for anyone looking to try appliqué with heavier weight threads. 
Collection Details (Piecing and Quilting Collection): http://www.aurifil.com/piecing-and-quilting-collection
Collection Details(Applique Collection): http://www.aurifil.com/applique-collection

Jenny Doan

The colors in The Heritage Collection, Jenny Doan's debut Aurifil thread collection, were hand-selected to represent her traditional meets modern quilting sensibilities. Since 2008, Missouri Star Quilt Co. has represented quality and class in this industry and we're honored to share in that vision!
Collection Details: http://www.aurifil.com/the-heritage-collection

Rob Appell

Rob Appell is the talent behind Man Sewing. He brings energy and enthusiasm to the quilting industry and has developed a strong following thanks in part to his terrific YouTube tutorials. The High Voltage Collection features his go-to colors in Aurifil 40wt. 
Collection Details: http://www.aurifil.com/the-high-voltage-collection

Kathy Engle

Island Batik's Kathy Engle has introduced two brand new collections, Tide Pools & Sand Dune. From vibrant periwinkles and seaweed greens to lively greens and sun-kissed oranges, these two collections offer a rich palette of colors on opposite ends of the spectrum. The coordinating Aurifil thread collections are available in two separate large boxes featuring our 40wt thread.
Collection Details (Sand Dune): http://www.aurifil.com/sand-dune
Collection Details (Tide Pools): http://www.aurifil.com/tide-pools

Claudia Pfeil

The Surf Squirt collection by Claudia Pfeil Designs for Island Batik features colors from daisy yellows to coral reef greens to deep sea blues offering something for any sunny day fan. The coordinating Aurifil Thread Collection offers a gorgeous variety of both solid and variegated 40wt threads.
Collection Details (Large): http://www.aurifil.com/surf-squirt

4th & 6th Designs

Fall in love with Autumn all over again with Fourth & Sixth Design's Equinox for Island Batik! Warm cider oranges and marigold yellows will find a special place in any project. Caramel and mocha browns add an array of warm colors amidst baby spring greens. There are so many hues to choose from - you'll certainly find a few to fit on your shelves! The coordinating Aurifil Thread Collection features our 40wt.
Collection Details (Large): http://www.aurifil.com/equinox

Tammy Silvers

You can just feel the sun, sand and surf in the Seashore collection by Tamarinis for Island Batik. The warm creams, greens and purples will bring delight to your sea-salted senses! The accompanying Aurifil thread collection offers a large box of bright hues in 40wt and a small box of 10 luscious spools of our embroidery floss. There is a colorful surprise awaiting everyone in the Seashore collection!
Collection Details (Large): http://www.aurifil.com/seashore
Collection Details (Small): http://www.aurifil.com/seashore-2