Fabric colour choices

  1. Rosemary Rosenfeld - Bright stars on cream.  Les étoiles lumineuses sur crème
  2. Mandy Stonehouse - Bright stars on black NOT solid colours but tone on tone is OK – les étoiles luminueses sur noire, pas des teintes/couleurs unies mais marbré/ton sur ton est bien
  3. Alex Fox - Teal/orange on a white background  - bleu sarcelle/orange sur fonds du blanc
  4. Beryl Hedley - mid blue and yellow - bleu moyen et jaune
  5. Carol Dodge - Dark green and cream  - vert foncé et crème
  6. Eileen Heathorn - Red and white, NOT solid colours but tone on tone is OK - Rouge et blanc, pas des teintes/couleurs unies mais marbré/ton sur ton est bien
  7. Reenie Brown - cream, pink and blue NOT baby colours, Crème, rose et bleu – pas des tons de ces couleurs pour les bébés
  8. Monique Chapron - Red and cream, rouge et crème.
  9. Margaret Hay - apricot/peach, soft green, soft yellow ochre on a broken/soft white background. abricot/pêche, vert doux, ocre jaune doux sur fonds du blanc cassé. 
  10. Dany Abriat - Navy blue, sky blue and very soft pastel pink - NOT “sweetie” pink!!!  Very pale blue background. Bleu marine, bleu ciel et rose poudré claire - PAS rose comme les bonbons, fonds - bleu très pale
  11. Simone Durand - Autumn colours - colours of the falling leaves - deep reds, ochres, rusts, greens etc , background vey pale green, couleurs d’automne, comme les feuilles - rouge, rouille, ocre, vert, Fonds - vert très pale
  12. Denise Meytraud - a mixture of all tones of blue with pale yellow on a white background, Mélange de tons de bleu et jaune pale sur fonds du blanc.
  13. Sue Bartlett - mid blue and pink on a very pale blue background, Bleu moyen et rose sur fonds du bleu très pale.
  14. Fiona Jeferies - Navy blue and white, bleu marine et blanc.
  15. Claire Levy - Autumn colours on cream/beige background- couleurs d’automne sur fonds du crème
  16. Cathy Porteus - Turquoise and pink,Turquoise et rose.
  17. Valerie Whydall - Small floral, pastel colours, purples, pinks and green on beige/cream, petites fleurs / couleurs pastel, ton pourpre, rose et vert sur beige/crème 

January - Friendship Star

Here are the swap partners for January. 

  • Rosemary and/et Dany
  • Mandy and/et Claire
  • Lexy and/et Simone
  • Beryl and/et Fiona
  • Eileen and/et Margaret H
  • Monique and/et Denise
  • Carol D and Sue
  • Cathy and Reenie

Please post your Friendship Star photos in the album here

February - Starflower

The block I have chosen for February is called "Starflower" and uses half square triangles (HST) again. This time you need 16 squares to complete the block so each HST needs to be 3 1/2 ins before joining. I would start with 4 inch squares and again trim them to size and square them up if necessary! 

Here are the swap partners for February. 

  • Rosemary and/et Eileen
  • Mandy and/et Margaret H
  • Lexy and/et Monique
  • Beryl and/et Cathy
  • Carol D and/et Dany
  • Reenie and/et Sue
  • Simone and/et Fiona
  • Denise and/et Claire

Please post your Starflower photos in the album here

March - Flying Geese Stars

This month we are moving away from "half square triangles" and having a go at "flying geese" They are used in lots of different ways, in block making (as in Winnie's heart blocks) or as pieced sashings and borders etc. We are going to make them into stars.

This month you have a choice! Go to "quilterscache.com" and look at the following patterns: Austin, Cluster of stars, Sawtooth, Square and points and Two patch star. They are all made in exactly the same way, the only difference is how you place the colours within the block!!

Here are the swap partners for March

  • Rosemary and/et Mandy
  • Lexy and/et Beryl
  • Reenie and/et Simone
  • Dany and/et Monique
  • Sue and/et Claire
  • Eileen and/et Denise
  • Margaret and/et Cathy
  • Carol and/et Fiona

Please post your Geese Star photos in the album here

April -  More Flying Geese Stars

This month we are using "Flying Geese" again. Eight pointed star 4 and Star of Virginia. Again the only difference is colour placement so make your choice and enjoy your sewing!

Here are the swap partners for April

  • Rosemary and/et Monique            
  • Mandy and/et Lexy
  • Beryl and/et Dany                       
  • Carol and/et Simone
  • Eileen and/et Sue                        
  • Reenie and/et Margaret
  • Denise and/et Cathy                    
  • Fiona and/et Claire
Please upload your April photos to the album here.

May - Quarter square Triangles Stars

This month we are going to make "Quarter square Triangles"(QST's)  and make them into stars. 3 blocks for you to look at........ 

Go-Along-Star, Ohio Star and Tippeecanoe and Tyler too. All very similar  so have a look and make your choice.

Again the differences are in the placement of the different colours within the block!

I am not very good at QST's so again I think I will  cut them slightly oversize and trim them once each square is complete!

The swap partners for May are

  • Rosemary and/et Margaret                        
  • Mandy and/et Carol D
  • Beryl and/et Simone                                 
  • Eileen and/et Dany
  • Reenie and/et Claire                                  
  • Monique and/et Sue
  • Denise and/et Fiona                                  
  • Lexy and/et Cathy

Please upload your May photos to the album here.

June - Quarter square Triangles Stars

This month we are going to make stars with different shapes of different sizes. Look at the following blocks, Solomons Star, Solitaire, Dewey's Victory and Martha Washington Star. Decide which one you are going to make and get sewing!

Here are the swap partners for June.

  • Rosemary and/et Beryl                      
  • Mandy and/et Cathy
  • Denise and/et Lexy                           
  • Carol and/et Eileen
  • Reenie and/et Dany                           
  • Monique and/et Margaret
  • Simone and/et Claire                          
  • Fiona and/et Carole P

Please upload your June photos to the album here.

July - Sunny Star

We are now halfway through this swap and so far all our blocks have been traditionally pieced ones. We have 6 blocks still to make July, August, September and October will all be foundation pieced stars! November is for you to select a different star block to make and  swap and in December you will make a block for yourself!

This month the block  I have chosen is "Sunny stars". Look at quilterscache, or our album below to see what it looks like. On quilterscache it is a 10in finished block, we have resized it so it now measures 12in (finished). The file is here for you to download and print, you will also need to cut 4 x 3inch squares for the corners.

  • Mandy and/et Dany             
  • Lexy and/et Reenie
  • Beryl and/et Monique          
  • Carol D and/et Denise
  • Eileen and/et Simone          
  • Margaret and/et Claire
  • Fiona and/et Cathy              
  • Val and/et Rosemary 

Please upload your July photos to the album here.

August - Uneven Star

Here are the details for  August in our Astronomical swap. This month the block I have chosen is  "Uneven star". If you look at quilterscache.com you will see that it is only 9 ins so once again Katy has resized it for us! The file is here for you to download and print

The centre square of your uneven star will be 4 1/2 ins square cut ( so 4 ins when completed)  but because it is an uneven star you may chose any size for the corner pieces!

This block is called "uneven star" so if you wish you could "free piece" it to make it really uneven!!

Margaret and her group apologise in advance....... they don't have a meeting in August so those of you swapping with them will have to wait until after their first meeting in September! It will be worth the wait!!

  • Rosemary and/et Simone              
  • Mandy and/et Beryl
  • Carol D and/et Cathy                   
  • Eileen and/et Fiona
  • Reenie and/et Denise                  
  • Monique and/et Carole P
  • Dany and/et Claire                        
  • Lexy  to  Val  to Margaret  to Lexy  

Please upload your August photos to the album here.

September  - The Eight Pointed Star

Look at quilterscache.com and you will see that you can make it in the traditional way, make some card templates and follow the instructions. However if you prefer paper piecing look at "Windows to the sky"and use the foundation pieced instructions for the star points together with squares for the corners! Your completed block should look exactly the same as "the eight pointed star"
Here are the swap partners for September. 
  • Rosemary and/et Carole P.             
  • Mandy and/et Simone
  • Dany and/et Lexy                         
  • Denise and/et Beryl
  • Carol and/et Reenie                       
  • Eileen and/et Monique
  • Margaret and/et Fiona                    
  • Claire and/et Val 

Please upload your September photos to the album here.

October - Galaxy Star

This month is the last one for which I'll be giving instructions. I have chosen "Galaxy star" as our block of the month. If you look at quilterscache.com you will see that it is too small so once again Katy has resized it for us. Here is the pattern, you will see that you need 4 copies in order to make the block.

Here are the swap partners for October. 

  • Rosemary and/et Denise
  • Mandy and/et Eileen
  • Beryl and/et Margaret H    
  • Monique and/et Simone
  • Dany and/et Fiona
  • Cathy and/et Carole P
  • Lexy to Carol D to Claire to Lexy

Please upload your October photos to the album here.

November  - Choose your own

This month, the last in the swap, you must find your own 12 inch (finished) star block to send to your partner. You may choose any block you wish as long as it NOT one we have made already.

The final block, to complete your quilt, is one you must make for yourself in December.

Here are the swap partners for November

  • Rosemary and/et Reenie
  • Mandy and/et Denise
  • Lexy and/et Fiona
  • Beryl and/et Eileen
  • Margaret and/et Carol D
  • Monique and/et Cathy
  • Simone and/et Dany
  • Claire and/et Carole P

Please upload your November photos to the album here.