"Carolyn's Garden" by Sue Spillane
Those fantastic ladies of South Caroline are now auctioning off their wonderful Artful Bras in support of the Best Chance Network, a US Breast Cancer Charity. The auction begins on November 28 and continues until December 8. There is a link to the auction on the Quilters of South Carolina website. There are 55 Artful Bras offered - including some new arrivals from internet friends and Belle, an Artful Bra Doll. Please visit and bid!
"ARTFUL BRAS - HOOTERS, MELONS AND BOOBS, OH MY" is the title of the great book illustrating the South Carolina Project and is available also on the website. The hardback book includes pictures of fifty Artful Bras and interviews with the ladies who created them. All money raised through the auction and sale of books goes to the Best Chance Network.