Moda Natural Garden Reds Fat Quarter Pack from Pelenna Patchwork
Moda Natural Garden Reds Fat
Quarter Pack from
Pelenna Patchwork

The April join prize was won by Margaret from Eastbourne. Margaret said "I have never won anything before, even though I have entered lots of competitions, winning the join prize really made my day". Margaret won a Fat Quarter pack of Natural Garden fabrics from Pelenna Patchworks.

Blazing Star
Blazing Star

Margaret is quite new to quilting, and only started a class because her mother-in-law was going and she had a spare afternoon free. She is now totally hooked and has made a number of small projects. Her group is making a double quilt at the moment, so she has plenty of work in progress. She suffers from the same problem as most of us, a lack of time! Margaret is also a keen knitter, and says that there never seems to be enough hours in the day.

Orange cot quilt
Orange cot quilt was made with 5" charm pack
cut in half and joined into strips,
cats were then appliqued on afterwards.

Margaret describes the batik wall hanging shown here, "Blazing Star was made in batiks (which I love), I went to a Saturday workshop for this with my teacher (Jackie Dorkings, who is brilliant). I wasn't sure if I would be able to do this, but I took my time over it, as it was quite complicated, and I am really pleased with the end result."

"I have also made a couple of table runners, table mats and small table top quilt, as I only started a year and a half ago, you can see how addicted I have become."

"At present I am in the process of making a double bed sampler quilt, again being taught by Jackie Dorkings, who is a brilliant teacher, she is at present having a few weeks off as her daughter has just produced twins. I go to a really nice quilting group and we all get on really well and help each other out with problems, we all started at the same time and have done the beginners class, and are now on the intermediate class together."