How did you start quilting? In 2001 I went with my mum to the Knitting & Stitching Show at G-Mex in Manchester. I was into cross-stitch at the time and had no interest whatsoever in patchwork. My mum however loved it and someone had recommended a book to her, which she bought – this was Lynne Edwards’ Sampler Quilt Book. We returned to the car in the rain and waited for my husband. For a want of something to do I had a look through mum’s book and from then on I was hooked! As soon as I returned home I ordered a copy for myself and have never looked back!

This is the quilt I made from the book...all hand quilted as I didn’t know how to machine quilt at the time.

Three years ago I discovered Quilt University. These are online quilting classes which cover a variety of techniques. My first class was a landscape class – oh I just jump in feet preliminaries with me, that’s why I took this class before the second, easier Miniature Landscapes class. Here are the photos for these classes...

View of Whitby Abbey – ‘Through the Keyhole’

Another class I took was called Flower Power and here’s what I created during that class...

I then took two classes which helped you to express your thoughts and feelings. This is where my love of creating art quilts began in earnest – I was able to create in fabric thoughts that were in my head and this is my favourite small quilt (journal sized) that I have ever made...

I named this ‘Storm at Sea’ and it depicts the day we witnessed beach huts getting swept away by the rough sea in Whitby.

Other favourite small quilts I have made in QU classes are these...


Why do you stitch? I stitch because I love to be creative – cross-stitch didn’t give me the freedom I needed to express myself that quilting does.

Do you have a favourite colour? Anything bright!

How big is your stash? I have two towers of 6 drawers, 5 drawers in my sewing table, 1 set of three drawers, 6 large baskets, one large drawer under my bed and two large drawers in my chest of drawers.

How many reels of thread do you have? Hundreds!!

Do you prefer hand or machine stitching? I prefer machine stitching because of the time it takes but I do like hand quilting as well as machine quilting.

Are you a member of any groups? Only online groups – PP of course and a Yahoo group set up with ladies from the US, Canada, New Zealand and the UK, after the first Quilt University class I took 3 years ago – the group is still going strong and many of us have met up and become good friends. We created a group quilt last year called ‘Funky Chicken Sees the World’...

...and we have a new ‘work in progress’ at the moment – a ‘slice quilt’.

How many hours a day do you sew? It varies depending on the day – sometimes a couple of hours to at least 8!

Do you have a day job? Yes, I’m a medical secretary at a GP surgery.

What are you working on just now? Postcard for PP swap, PP journal quilt, mini quilt for online swap, a soldier quilt, and the group slice quilt.

Do you have a top tip for our readers? Don’t be afraid to do your own thing – it’s all art!

Do you teach, and if so what is your favourite subject? No, I don’t teach, but if I did it would be fusible appliqué.

Do you have a website or blog? Can you tell us about it? I started my blog last October with encouragement from a work colleague and never looked back. It has not only put me in touch with many like-minded people worldwide but it’s also provided a record of my work....