You need a box of scraps, any size scraps will do, I used pieces as small as 1in.

Take 2 pieces and sew the straight sides together. Choose the next pieces and chain sew them.

With a long scrap on the bottom, sew one scrap, then another until you run out of the bottom piece.

You don’t have to sew squares pieces, just make sure the edges are straight.

Use any left-over pieced blocks you have, it adds interest.

When you’ve had enough sewing, cut the chain of pieces apart and press them.

Trim the pieces on both side, at this stage it does not have to be square, the different angles add interest.

Take the trimmed pieces and sew some to more scraps and some to each other.

When you’ve had enough of sewing, press and trim as before. Try not to trim right next to a seam, leaving it in your working piece, if this happens, take a little more off. This will make it easier to join and press the next piece. Repeat this 2 or 3 more times until the fabric pieces have grown to at least 6” on each side.


Square the pieces up to the nearest ¼”, and sew together in pairs of the closest size.

Press and trim square. Repeat until the fabric piece is the size you want. If it’s getting too big to handle, decide on a width of fabric you can deal with, for me it was 16”, then cut all the pieces to this width. Any trimmings large enough to handle can be joined together again to make a piece this width. I then joined all the widths together in one long strip and cut into lengths to quilt.