Thames & Hudson £24.99

ISBN: 978-0-50028-800-9 (s/b 240 pages)

First published in hardback in 2003, this new paperback edition spans 240 pages and contains over 585 illustrations, the bulk of which are in colour. Its large format (30 x 24cm) allows you to see the colour photos in detail, giving you a a real sense of texture, design and colour. Six years on, it the most substantial of African textiles on the market taking readers on a region by region tour of handmade textiles outlining production techniques and looking at the geographical, social, cultural and religious backdrop to their evolution. For those of you with a passion for textiles that is not sated purely by your patchwork and quilting activities, it's a fascinating world to explore from the cotton weaves of Tunisia, stencilling and dyeing in Sierra Leone to Egyptian applique and Zulu beadwork. If you are lucky enough to be in Llanidloes on 13 March 2010 for the World Textile Day, you can hear John talking about Costume in Africa and Asia. Failing that, perhaps you could add this to your wish list. At £24.95 it offers great value for money.