The Loch Lomond Quilt Show, now in its 5th year, is an established date in the quilting calendar. The business has grown each year and last year saw over 3,000 visitors at the multi-venue exhibition. Popular Patchwork have been privileged to be associated with this excellent Scottish show, this year we sponsored the open competition, Flying Colours; the Scottish and French competition, The Auld Alliance; and the group category, Three's a Crowd. The winner of each category won £50. You can view the prize winning quilts and read more about this year's competition in the July 2009 issue of Popular Patchwork.
A steady growth since the beginning in 2004 has meant the directors, Patricia Macindoe, Isabel Paterson and Ruth Higham have grown their ideas each year. One of the challenges for LLQS 2009 was to increase its presence on the web. Helen Bantock impressed Patricia, Isabel and Ruth with her work on websites designed for other craftspeople and so they decided to work with her on their new site.
"We needed someone we could work with who could understand our visitors needs and had an eye for visual layout, which is why we chose to work with Helen at Helen Bantock Web Design", said Ruth Higham. "Helen was familiar with the show and her portfolio included work for other quilters and craftsman as well as galleries. She came up with a design that brought all our ideas together and added so much more."
Helen spent time with show director Isabel Paterson in consultation to build a picture of the information a quilt show visitor would like view online, which work was to be showcased and how to integrate ticket sales into the design of the site. "Helen listened to our ideas and somehow managed to bring sense to them. I did not at any time feel overwhelmed by her suggestions", said Isabel. They continued to work closely during the building of the site.
My Hairdresser Wears Tartan Trousers by Alison Jabs
My Hairdresser Wears Tartan Trousers by Alison Jabs
"Helen incorporated our previous ideas and gently moved us away from anything that she felt would not be beneficial to us or the website", says Isabel. "The end design was entirely new but it still had the feel and content that we asked for." The Loch Lomond Quilt Show directors particularly wanted to keep the welcoming, friendly feel of their previous website. "We are very pleased with the end result that HBWD have achieved", adds Patricia. "I love it. It's still LLQS but contemporary and fresh." Helen says, "I have enjoyed working on LLQS. I specialise in websites for individuals and galleries for clients involved in the crafts. The multi-dimensional design and e-commerce nature of the LLQS project demanded a wide range of design and technical skills, which was personally rewarding. I believe the site will grow year on year, which is always exciting."
This Loch Lomond Quilt Show 2010 takes place from 19th to 22rd May. For details of next year's show and competition categories, please visit For more details about Helen's web design, visit Helen Bantock Web Design. You can read Gillian's review of Loch Lomond 2009 and read all about her solo exhibition at the Vale of Leven Baptist Church in the July 2009 issue of Popular Patchwork, whilst forum member Tessa gives her thoughts on this year's exhibition, here on the website in Loch Lomond - A reader's perspective.