'9-Patch Pizzazz' by Judy Sisneros

C&T Publishing $16.95

ISBN 1-57120-323-0 (s/b 48 pages)

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I haven't believed that a quilt can be made in a day since it took me nearly a year to complete a log-cabin one so described! However, this book uses panels and large squares and rectangles combined with 9-patch blocks and that gives me hope that the subtitle is accurate.

The choice of fabrics and design guidelines at the beginning of the book are well illustrated, simple to comprehend and can be adapted to produce quilts of any size. Many manufacturers now produce focus fabrics and panels which come with associated companion fabrics. They are ideal for these quilts and give hesitant shoppers an easy way of coming to a decision.

The six projects given in the second part are for small quilts which can be used as large wall-hangings or lap quilts. Precise fabric requirements are given and cutting and piecing instructions are clear as is the information on how to complete each quilt.

This book is suitable for absolute beginners: most quilts only use three or four fabrics and only squares and rectangles are used in their design but the results look much more complex than that would suggest.