Over Christmas, Popular Patchwork ran a mini design competition in conjunction with Spunart and myHobbystore. The brief was to design an A4 sample with the theme ‘Winter’,  which incorporated a great new textile, Zeelon, made by Spunart. We were looking for innovative ways of using this product that involved piecing and/or appliqué and embellishment. Prizes included gift vouchers for Myhobbystore and £50 of products from Spunart.
Zeelon is a fine translucent material, even at its heaviest weight, and can be dyed, coloured with watercolours or crayon, blockprinted, hand or machine stitched, distressed with a heat tool and even sculpted.

The Winners

First Prize - Maggi Birchenough

Maggie's beautiful entry was selected as the overall winner. She will receive £50 worth of Spunart products as her prize, and we know she will make great use of them!

Maggie described her piece and its construction, "My piece is A4 size and although it may not look like a quilt it does have the requisite 3 layers!"

The process was as follows:-
  1. Original photo printed onto teabag paper.
  2. Printed image layered onto Evolon using Liquitex Matte Medium.
  3. Piece of medium weight Zeelon painted using a combination of Acrylic Artists Ink and Koh-i-Noor waterbased dyes.
  4. Poem and title printed onto the painted Zeelon.
  5. Zeelon burnt away around the figure using a soldering iron.
  6. Zeelon piece layered onto the Evolon/teabag piece
  7. Variety of stitching added.
  8. Piece finished by using running stitch around the edge.

"It will eventually be mounted onto a box canvas. Zeelon is beautiful fabric to work with and I can see it being well-used in my work this year."

Second Prize - Angela Huddart

Angela made a soothing study of a winter stroll. She incorporated lots of stencilling and overpainting in the piece. Angela wins a myHobbystore gift voucher.

Angela says, "The design of a man walking his dog in the woods is taken from a photo my dad took many years ago and I have reproduced it a few times now - my mum did too with paper collage.  I copied the design onto fusible web. Then I cut two 10" x 15" pieces from the heavy and medium Zeelon and 'drew' swirly designs on each with Batik-EZ Resist medium and allowed to dry. Next  I painted each piece - one in shades of blue/purple and the other in shades of green.  When dry I spray basted them together. I fused the design (very gently!!) on to the back of these painted pieces and cut out the trees in one piece and then the man and dog separately from just the purple.  Also from the left-over purple I cut four strips for the framing border. "

"I cut two A4 sized pieces from the heavy and the medium weights and stencilled snowflakes on each one using Markal paint sticks in aqua and silver.  These were then layered over each other - the medium one on top of the heavier one - as the background. I cut another A4 piece, this time from the light Zeelon and zapped it with the heat gun for a few minutes. This was then folded and laid over the lower half of the snowflake background and stitched down randomly using silver thread."

"I stitched the centre of the trees to the background using silver thread and the man and dog close to the edge of the shapes with purple thread. I then added wadding and backing fabric and quilted the whole background and stitched the border frame in place."

Third Prize - Jan McElroy

Jan created a lovely snowy and very Christmassy scene with a little help from her granddaughter. Jan and Rebecca win a myHobbystore gift voucher.

Jan says, "I sketched a rough picture on a piece of the thickest weight Zeelon, and my granddaughter Rebecca painted it for me. Then I thread painted it more or less all over. Rebecca then painted one of the thin pieces of Zeelon with green water colour paint. I 'stitch drew' some holly leaves on it, sewing some 'frost' on one edge first, then cut them out. To complete the picture I appliqued the holly leaves randomly either side by curling them, which was easy to do with the Zeelon. Not yet decided how to mount the finished picture."

Congratulations to all three winners, thank you for sending your entries, we hope you had fun, and enjoy your prizes.