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PP Slimming Group 2014

help and encouragement for losing weight in 2014

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Q: Would you like a new 2015 Slimming group thread?







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Lesley06/01/2014 23:43:32
326 forum posts
2 photos

Evening Winnie

I am really looking forward to us all doing this together, supporting each other.

Thank you so much for starting this,,you are a star star Your DH is right .


JillR07/01/2014 05:01:37
935 forum posts
119 photos

Winnie, I don't think it is inappropriate. When I asked who wanted to join me it was on the forum for anything goes!!!! Obviously lots of us wanted it, I was surprised how many, anyway if we loose weight it will be easier to get up and down to press our work, also more energy to go fabric shopping.

At least on a separate thread those who are not interested can just ignore it.

No Winnie, I have no intentions of losing more than about the 5 st at the end. My WW upper target is 11st 7lb for 5ft 7 and that will eventually do me. I have got to target twice before, but go back when I get depressed.

JillR07/01/2014 05:05:52
935 forum posts
119 photos

Well here goes!!!!!!!

This was taken about 10 years ago when I dieted for the first time. I had lost about a stone when it was taken, so I must have been about 17st 7lb.

img002.jpgThen that year I got to WW target and had lost in total 8 st.

se 006a.jpg

Cathy Turner NZ07/01/2014 07:06:07
1416 forum posts
155 photos

Have finished work for the day, and been for a much longer walk than I anticipated, but since I am here for two weeks thought I would buy some healthy food and the shops were much further away than I thought.

The kitchen at the rest home where I am filling in, kept offering food today, and I managed to only accept a banana!

I have been for a swim, it's even hotter today than yesterday, but supposed to rain for the rest if the week.

This is going to be hard, sitting in a motel room on my own, when I get bored or down, I start grazing. But not this time!


Winnie the B.O.L.B07/01/2014 07:49:38
3348 forum posts
190 photos
1 articles

Lesley - I would put up a photo of me at my heaviest - or even at the weight I am now - except that I don't have any!! The ones I have are of me peeping round the shoulders of other folk in the photograph - I wonder why!!! I am obsessive about refusing to have full length photos taken - that MUST change!! I'll have a hunt in my OH's iPhoto library for any that have sneaked their way in and promise to publish it if I find one. As for getting to my target weight - as well as losing lots at another time - I've got the t-shirts for that as well. I ask myself why I let it happen and I really don't know. I think it starts with being a bit depressed about something in my life and so comfort eating, putting on some weight and off I go on the merry-go-round again!!

We are not going to do this again are we????????!!!!!!!!!

Cathy - well done for saying"no" to the snacks. I understand how you feel about sitting on your own etc - boredom causes comfort eating in the same way that depression does - the only difference is that we can find ways outt of boredom more easily than depression!!


PS - I hope you folks don't think I am trying to "take over" this weight loss thread - I suppose it maybe sounds like it and I realise that I have put my class leader hat back on!! I truly just want to help and hope that i can do that a bit by sharing all the knowledge I learned when I was taking that class I spoke about.. I hope no-one is offended. Just tell me to shut up if I go on too much - speaking too much it is one of my besetting sins - as well as eating too much of course.

Cathy Turner NZ07/01/2014 08:15:51
1416 forum posts
155 photos

Your off to a great start, Winnie, somebody has to be "camp mother".


JillR07/01/2014 08:51:30
935 forum posts
119 photos



Edited By JillR on 07/01/2014 09:12:54

Marlene Hutchinson07/01/2014 09:17:23
1234 forum posts
1650 photos

Winnie I am happy to have you as class leader and you are doing a grand Jill said because it's on its own thread everyone has the choice to read it if they are interested. I had a good day yesterday and off to the village this morning ..DD coming for lunch...maybe a bit if sewing this afternoon. Keeping busy keeps me on track.

Jill you are so good posting photos...I might pluck up the courage in a few weeks. I went to WW in 1997 and lost 5 1/2 st...kept most of it off but this two stone just crept up over the years...don't like it! I took photos every stone I lost and I will post them when I get nearer to goal.

Cathy hope your day goes well remember nothing tastes as good as being slim!



pamela jeffrey07/01/2014 09:21:23
3192 forum posts
114 photos

Gosh Jill you look very slim in the second photo.

Are you aiming for that again

See you next week, we will have to sit away from the biscuits

Bye Pam

JillR07/01/2014 09:41:52
935 forum posts
119 photos

Not quite that again Pam, but near

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