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PP Slimming Group 2014

help and encouragement for losing weight in 2014

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Margaret S06/01/2014 09:34:47
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Weighed myself this morning. Oh dear! I am always heavier on a Monday. I am a 24 top and 22 bottom but my waist is much too big.

According to the NHS Choices website I have a BMI of 29.5 and they suggest that to be midway in the ideal weight for my height I would need to lose 3st 2lbs. This is too much for me so I am still going to look at 2st in 7lb segments. Don't think that I will be walking today in the wind and rain though. If I've gone up by Wednesday I will have to practice ladder stitch on my mouth!


Karen9p06/01/2014 09:37:38
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Morning everyone,

I weigh 13st6lb and would love to get back to 11st which is what I was before I gave up smoking.

I will just cutting down on my food intake and trying to walk each day.

goodluck everyone

love Karen xx

Lesley06/01/2014 09:49:37
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Morning Winnie

Well here goes, weighed myself this morning, well no real shock but really have

to do something, have gone up a dress size in just over a year, I had a few family upsets, now

I have to give myself a good shake up and sort myself out, although my size before was not right either.

I am now 24 top 22 bottom, and weigh 15st.6lbs. 5ft.2ins.

I am not going to set myself a goal yet, I am going to do my best for now, and will be weighing my self

every Wednesday.

Well Winnie I am 68 but still going to really try my best.


Di T06/01/2014 10:22:31
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Well girls you've finally persuaded me to join in this threadsmiley

I am afraid I am a 'comfort' eater and whenever I feel down I eat (all the wrong things of course!!!).This last year has been particularly difficult but that is no excuse. I am a 22/24 and I also have two bad knees which need replacing!! Before they will operate my doctor says I need to lose 2 stone before he will refer me to the orthapedic surgeon (which I think is quite fair). Therefore that is my targe for now. I will start next Monday and will check in every Monday after that.

Good luck to us all!!!!


Beryl Hedley06/01/2014 10:53:57
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Good morning All.

I have just got in from my walk. It is a bright breezy morning here and I really enjoyed it.

I am 14st now and hope to lose at least 2st.

On the way bake I called to collect my prescription. It was quite a large package. I am hoping that as my weight decreases so will the size of package medication.

Best wishes.


rosemary Rosenfeld06/01/2014 13:25:51
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Hi All, my problem is nibbling in between meals!! So that's what I am going to focus on..... NO NIBBLING!!!

Generally we eat healthily, hardly any processed food, I don't eat puddings or cakes, the very occasional small piece of chocolate (that treat is staying..... 1 square once a week will not make any difference) and combined with more exercise will be enough for me (I hope) . I have weighed myself and will post on Wednesday with everybody else!



Winnie the B.O.L.B06/01/2014 17:20:48
3348 forum posts
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Will post properly later on - unexpected visitors just now - but I won't munch crisps!!!


JillR06/01/2014 19:16:21
935 forum posts
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I am about a 22/24 also. Not sure what I weigh, was 16st 5lb before Xmas, but want to get to 11st 7lb. Just gone on the NHS site and at 5ft 7 it gives me a bmi of 36 and says I need to loose 6st 5lb to be in the middle of the bmi for my hieght.

polynana06/01/2014 21:44:35
2 forum posts

I would like to join you all If I may. My name is Nan.

I have a few problems, they are called 'chocolate', 'cakes', 'sweets' and 'cheese'

I really cannot seem to stop eating them when they are around, once the packet is opened, I have to eat the lot and then I feel very sorry for myself.

Two years ago I gave up chocolate for lent so I know that I can do it. I think the only way for me is to just give them up.

I have lost weight before successfully with a slimming and exercise class so I know I can do that too, but I can't find a group anywhere near me.

I work full time so not much time for exercise but I do walk to work or cycle, I'll have to try to get to the pool more often.

So, the nitty gritty... I am 5' 2", weight is 165 lb or 11st 11 lb or 75kg I am a size16/18 bottom , 14/16 top and only have two pair of trousers I can fit into now.

My initial target is to lose 7lb but ultimately I would like to get back to a size 12 and lose 2 stone.

Winnie the B.O.L.B06/01/2014 21:49:23
3348 forum posts
190 photos
1 articles

I just checked out the NHS BMI chart!! It isn't just height and age and gender you nee dot think about, it is also your skeleton size (no, NOT "heavy bones"!!) but a wide frame quite simply needs more flesh - even if it is thin stuff - to cover it!! According to that chart, for my height (5'10", female and age 65 - it gives me a BMI of 31.8 and says I should be between 9st 3lbs(!!!!!!!!) and 12st! I would be dead at 9st 3 lbs - I was 9st 12lbs many, many years ago after over zealous dieting and even at age 30, I looked diabolic - skeletal was my doctor's judgement!!! Anyhow, I am aiming to be somewhere about 13st - if it could be 12st 13lbs that would be great but I'm not going to think that far ahead yet.

So, I'm not sure that we should get all tied up in BMIs - it could have a very negative effect by making us feel that we can never, ever achieve what we "should" weigh!!!

Jill, I think your final goal of 11st 7lbs sounds great but can I suggest you don't try to think of the idea of losing 5 stone at the moment - it can seem such an enormous task. Maybe just set these smaller goals we were talking about earlier - that way you can enjoy reaching each target as it comes along and then set the next one?? Do you think this would work for you?

Rosemary - I'm with you on the nibbling- it is one of the most dangerous things you can do - although what phenomenal willpower you must have - ONE square of chocolate!! I just couldn't eat one square, once a week! One BAR once a week perhaps - so for me it is better to avoid it altogether! You're also right about having some treats in the programme as well - it keeps you from throwing in the towel in sheer despair!!!

Beryl - the added goal of reducing oyur medication is a great one. Good luck with it.

Di - the prospect of getting the surgery you need should be a help to encourage you but I think you also need to do it "just for you". I know all about comfort eating - my worst problem all my life - and it is the most horrendous vicious circle isn't it. You are down so you eat to cheer yourself up and then of course you feel so guilty that you are even more depressed so you eat some more to cheer yourself up and on and on and on and on!! Got so many t-shirts on that one that i could start my own shop!

Margaret - I love the idea of ladder stitches for mouths - maybe you can market it in kit form?!! I agree that you shouldn't take on a target that feels too much from the word go - just take it as it comes. Every bit of weight lost makes things better than they were before.

Lesley - as I've said to lots of the rest of our gang, just take it a week at a time - it can be overwhelming to think too far ahead. Like you, I'm not 21 any more but that''s not going to stop us is it? You bet your life it's not!!

Karen - your plan sounds good to me - eating less and exercising more will always be the right way to go. - will you weigh yourself every week - or just judge it by when you can get into a smaller pair of jeans!??

Pam, I know you are joining in too so I haven't forgotten you.

I hope i haven't missed anyone out - just shout if you feel ignored or neglected!!

To finish this off - I said to my OH earlier tonight that i hoped no one would think this thread I had started was inappropriate for a patchwork forum. He said that of course it wasn't - the more we sew the less time we will have for eating!!!

Now I just have to go away now and put it all into practice for myself!!!! Physician heal thyself!!! Hear endeth the lesson!!!!!!


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