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PP Slimming Group 2014

help and encouragement for losing weight in 2014

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maria hewitt05/01/2014 11:36:26
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sorry to hear you DH has Crohns, I had this when I was in my 20's everyone thought I had anorexia. I have not had any symptoms for over 25 years now thank goodness, but there is a little voice in the back of my head that keeps telling me to eat, and if I let my insides get empty I will be ill again, so now, as my metabolism slows with age I have put weight on, and need to loose some.. ok quite a bit. I think the walking is possibly the way forwards.

I really dont want to set any targets, so would anyone mind if I just dip into this page occasionally, just for a bit of motivation?


Tessa05/01/2014 12:16:58
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Hi Maria.... you dip in and out as often as you like and need to. We'll always be here. I can't set any targets at the moment's too much to think about.

Tessa x

Winnie the B.O.L.B05/01/2014 21:25:07
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Hi Everyone - having been the one to start this thread, I’m sorry for seeming to be "absent" today - OH has put his back out AND has "man flu"!! - so I've been running around after him!!

First of all, can I just say that I don’t want anyone to get the impression that I think I “know it all” in terms of losing weight - if I did I wouldn’t have put on all this weight again just to have to try to shed it again!!!! However, I would just like to try to be part of helping everyone here who would like to lose weight in 2014. I hope no-one minds the following “epistle".

I agree with everyone" who has commented - in other words we all need to follow a system that works for us as individuals. Any losing weight method will only work for you if your HEAD feels "switched on" by it. When you feel "forced" into it, you go off the rails very easily.

So, I see there are those of us who want to have a target - I am in that group. So for us, can I suggest that we "tell" the others how much we are aiming to lose and then post how much we have lost every week - on, shall we say,a Wednesday morning? Anyone in this group who wants to say what they weigh just now - or even their dress size - can do that too - sometimes that works as it kind of "shocks" us into acknowledging to ourselves(!!) what we need to do. However, NO-ONE needs to feel pushed into doing that. It is entirely up to you.

For those of you who don't want final targets - perhaps some of you would like to give yourself a weekly or monthly target? Again, only if you want to. If you don't want actual targets, perhaps you can just tell the others how much you have lost in a period of time. Again, for some of us, perhaps just using our group as encouragement will be just what you need.

Please, please don't think I am trying to “take over” and tell you what to do - I am just using about 12 years of, first of all, losing a lot of weight myself and then taking a class for many years after that to see if I can help anybody on the road to achieving their "goal" - which is to feel better about ourselves and our health AND to enjoy looking in the mirror again!!!!.

I am going to start this off by saying that, one year ago, I weighed 18st 9 lbs and was a large size 24!! The only very slight thing in my "defence" is that I am 5'10" tall - not much of an excuse, is it!?? I have since lost 2st 9 1/2lbs and as of the day before Christmas, I weighed in at 15st 13!/2lbs - don't forget that all important 1/2lb!! I count calories - that is what works for me - and although I have a final target of being 12st “something” - in other words, less than 13st, I don’t work with that all the time. When I have a lot to lose, I find it depressing to think constantly of this - it can seem unachievable. I set myself lots of intermediate targets and play games with those. First of all, I might think of the first 7lbs I have to deal with, then I head for the first “next stone” level - as in getting under a certain “stone" point - even if, for example, that is only 4 lbs more than my first half stone. After that, I might set myself a target of losing 7lbs in the next month - or 4lbs or whatever? Like that, you don’t feel overwhelmed by the task and give up!! I find that a large part of the way to succeed with weight loss is about the psychology of it and not just about what you actually eat - oh, and don’t forget the usefulness of increasing your exercise level - marathons not required!!

I really hope I haven’t put you off - I obviously want to do exactly the opposite of that. If I’ve got that wrong, please join in even if you just want to do entirely your own thing and just take the support of all your friends here on the forum - sewing is a great way of keeping you out of reach of the fridge and the biscuit tin!!!!

Winnie (Margaret)

Marlene Hutchinson05/01/2014 22:21:46
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Winnie you are a star ....this post so just what I needed. I am going to weigh in every week with my weight loss...I am starting Monday but I am happy to do it Wednesday with everyone else. I will let you know exactly how much I want to loose tomorrow. I have got some knitting on the go for evenings to keep me busy and I am going to try and walk to the village every day then sewing in the afternoons....well that's the plan. Calories for me.



Ps well done to you for your weight loss so far.

Edited By Marlene Hutchinson on 05/01/2014 22:23:54

pamela jeffrey05/01/2014 22:50:55
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I start Tuesday so I can say each Wednesday what I lose or gain.

Not willing to put start weight down but I need to lose about 2 stone ???? and keep it off.

the problem I will have is cooking 2 meals, for my self and husband. We can sort sort that out between us.

I am going to walk to the next bus stop to help with the weight loss.

Any weight loss will please my doctors.


Winnie the B.O.L.B05/01/2014 23:11:17
3348 forum posts
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Hi Pam and Marlene - great that you are on board.

Pam - perhaps some of the time you can just have a small portion of what your OH is having and then maybe salad instead of chips or potatoes (for example) - or even 6 chips if that is what you really fancy!!. Maybe if he is having a pudding, you can have an "interesting" low calorie "yoghurty" type of thing or some fruit?? Just a suggestion. No need to tell your starting weight - just see what your first week's weight loss is and then have a think about some in-between targets towards your 2 stone goal. Extra walking is good and maybe bit by bit you can increase it.

Marlene - like your "keeping occupied" ideas. My sewing room is up in the attic so it's a long way down to have a "cheat"!! I also live about 3kms (approx 2 miles) round trip from our village so am going to try to walk down there about two or three times a week. I'll look for your post with your weight loss target tomorrow.

Let's go for it girls. I am going on a wee trip to Rome in May with a friend - this was a 65th (help!!) birthday present from my OH and DS - so I am determined not to be avoiding my reflection in shop windows when I get there!!


Cathy Turner NZ06/01/2014 07:14:47
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Right - I am in a size 22 top, and 16 bottom which I have always considered to be a rather cruel way of being put together!

And the scales are almost hitting 14 stone, so 11 stone would be very nice, but if t make it to 12 I will be thrilled.

to that end, and knowing that you are all cold, wet and miserable, I am off for a swim before I melt! Swimming always helps me lose weight, unfortunately I don't do enough if it, but I am away for two weeks with work and there's a pool just round the corner from my room!

I wish us all success!


Marlene Hutchinson06/01/2014 08:16:27
1234 forum posts
1650 photos

Good morning...I have been on the scales and it's 30lbs I would like to loose.I promise to do my very best at all times including birthdays, visitors and holidays etc...not going to be a bore about it just going to plan it out beforehand if I can. I have got two outings this week but already got it in hand and no one will notice.

Off to the eye hospital later and not going into the cafe afterwards to get that cake...I am just going straight home to my sewing.

Good luck everyone...we can do it.



Winnie the B.O.L.B06/01/2014 08:23:14
3348 forum posts
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Morning Cathy - as they say, with friends like you, who needs enemies!!!! I'm looking out of my window at pouring rain and mist!! I think I'd rather be 22 top and 16 bottom than the other way round!! My weight tends to be fairly evenly distributed but a bit more round my bum and my middle regions!! As you say, swimming does help weight loss - and shape - so keep it up. Also have great holiday - try to spend more time in the pool than the restaurant and bar!!!!!

I have just weighed myself for the first time since the 17th of December - I guess I've been frightened to do it until this morning, even although I really tried hard not to go mad over the holidays. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I have "only" gained 1kilo (2.2lbs) so that's a relief. So, as of this morning I weight 16st (arrgh)one and a half pounds - annoyed with myself about going back in the "16s" but that's how it is.. So, my target for Wednesday next week is a 2lb loss - maybe a fraction more - I must get back to under 16st again!!!

I suggested a Wednesday morning as a regular weigh-in day as I think it gives you time to "make up" if you have had a "social" weekend and then you have less risk of being disappointed. I checked today just to give myself a kick in the backside to get me going. So, I will weigh myself again on Wednesday morning and let you know. If I am VERY careful for the next two days, I could possibly see a small loss because at the very beginning you lose fluid - quite quickly.


Winnie the B.O.L.B06/01/2014 08:35:47
3348 forum posts
190 photos
1 articles

Sorry Marlene- your post didn't show up for me until after I had answered Cathy's. Great - so your target is 30lbs - 2st 2lbs. That's a very reasonable and 'do-able" one so and I think your approach to it is perfect. Just doing it quietly but firmly is a really good way to succeed. Good luck also with your hospital visit - I hope that with your eye problems being sorted out, that will also help you to feel positive. I really do believe that losing weight is definitely "easier" if you can start to feel good about it all "in your head".


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