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'TnT' WEDDING of the year on PP Forum

Our Tessa and Terry

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Janet M10/08/2012 00:11:44
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Hi Tessa,

Good grief, your wedding date is practically running full pelt at us now, when you announced it on here way back, it seemed ages away. Now it is just less than a month away....


Have you got everything ready? dont know

Have you sorted your outfits?thinking


ooooooooblush Honeymoon ? wink 2

I remember when it was mine, I had to sort it all out and right to the last minute I was 'on the go', I finished my going away outfit whilst having my hair done...hahahaha

I bet you are finding it doubly hard to get everything done now that you are a working girl, but I bet you are so highly organised you have it all under control....but do tell...

hee hee nosey aren't I?

lololol jan,

[ well it is my day as well...] vamp

wink 2

Tessa10/08/2012 01:51:37
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Ok, you have me pegged pretty well Jan.

Yes, the flowers are ordered for Kate and myself....with 3 buttonholes for the men. My outfit is done, hopefully it will look as good on as off. Flowers for the church are ok. Reception details are done thanks to my cousin and her help with organization. Wedding cake is being made by my neighbour who is a cake chef. I have a guest signature book which will double as a wedding photo album. A wicker basket for gifts and cards, flowers for the tables coming from my living room.

Hair appointments are set as well. I was asked to start working on Saturdays at the store, but have asked them to consider waiting until after the wedding to put me on the schedule for that...which they have agreed to.

Sorry, no honeymoon yet....with family from Canada our priority will be to spend time with them. DP and I have a wedding in March next year and will take a week off to have some time away.

And yes Jan, it is your day as well....also my eldest brother John who is walking me down the isle will be 66 that day too. All in all a good day to choose.

Tessa xx

Cathy Turner NZ10/08/2012 05:17:51
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What is the date, Tessa? And why is it Jans date as well?

Have not had a chance to be on here properly for ages so you have probably said but I have missed it.

I remember on my wedding day, mum sitting up in bed hemming my dress! Every body was panicking except for her! There was also a country wide power cut, so the poor hairdresser struggled, and the caterers were beside themselves, power was restored about 2 hrs before we were supposed to be at the church. Funny the things you remember, I can't remember much else apart from walking back down the aisle and there was my beloved grandmother. I was told she could not make it and was very disappointed so you can imagine my delight at seeing her.

Things going on for me at the moment that are knocking me off kilter, but I am thinking of you all.


Claire Bear10/08/2012 07:14:52
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Wow Tessa, congratulations!

You kept that one low on the radar!
When we got married we were quite lucky to get married in a hotel. I remember Being so busy and worrying what everyone will think. In the end I said to myself so long as he turns up I don't care if we get married in jeans, so long as we get married! I was also lucky to have my honeymoon in Mexico - best holiday ever!!!!
I think your wedding sounds absolutely perfect. Maybe you should reciprocate and visit your family in Canada sometime. It's one place I would love to go.
We also got married on my Nan's birthday,an even though she's no longer here, she will always share a part in our special day.
Make sure you keep us up to date with how it's all going, whenyou are not so busy. I love hearing about people's weddings.
I look forward to seeing a pic or two from your wonderful day!
Claire xx
Marian T10/08/2012 07:34:41
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Hi Tessa
Blimey, you are so organised. My dress which I was making was in pieces still on the morning of my wedding and my sister was having a 'canary fit'. I told her everything was fine and spent the morning calming everyone down. We had a lovely day with glorious sunshine, a reception at a Hotel on the seafront in Newquay where we lived. Between the wedding reception and evening 'do', those that wanted to, went surfing! After that we had a Surfer's Party in the evening.......most in surfer shirts and shorts and was just great!!!!!!

The thing I remember the most was I made a large wedding cake in a meat tin (new) which was so delicious and allowed our 4 young teenager kiddies to decorate it and they produced a beach and sea with waves with a surfer riding the waves. It was brilliant!
I'm sure you're day will be perfect Tessa as it is how you want it to be and it can't get better than that!

Just a little query Tessa, why do you refer to Terry as DP???? Does that refer to Darling Partner, and will you be changing it to DH - Darling Husband or OH - Other half? lol

Look forward to meeting up at FOQ mate though I know we all have our things we need to do while there so I guess it'll be more in the evenings and at Brekkie.

Marian x rose rainbow

PS. Cathy - Tessa's wedding day is Jan's birthday!

JillR10/08/2012 07:41:24
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Weddings, all the best tessa. I was lucky, Mum and dad did it all, not a lot but then I didn't expect a lot . I had my 40th wedding aniversary last sunday.

Margaret S10/08/2012 08:58:39
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Gracious, not long now Tessa. You mentioned recently that the 'Howe' will be going. What will be your new surname?

Memories - When I got married in the 60's I was not as organised as you. I sat up on the eve of the wedding working out seating arrangements as DH had so few relatives and I wanted to move some of mine across to make it less obvious. Mum made my wedding dress. I had chosen a beautiful Christian Dior design of a coloured full length sheath dress with a white lace overlay. 'No daughter of mine gets married in anything but white' - so it was another design and white it was! Kept the top tier of my wedding cake for a potential christening and 9 months later DS arrived!

All the best Tessa. I expect you will be too busy to be on here much. You must be so excited.


Angela10/08/2012 14:11:22
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Oooh I bet you're getting sooo excited now teeth 2 I know my DIL was two months ago (gosh is it only 2 months...seems ages ago now!)

As for my own wedding I don't remember much about it - it was so long ago hahaha!! Actually I think I must have just been on auto-pilot and went along with the flow (the same happend during my driving test - I remember nothing of that either - but I passed!!) One thing I do remember is my 3 year old cousin at the time in the middle of the dance floor singing Happy Birthday - oh and I trapped my thumb in the car door after the reception and went on my honeymoon with a black & blue thumb

But of course your wedding will be fantastic Tess...very best wishes to you both for a wonderful day!

Ang xx

Edited By Angela on 10/08/2012 14:12:00

Carol B10/08/2012 19:26:56
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Hi Tessa,

time is really racing along now isn't it. When I was married, many moons ago, we had 2 nights away in Chester and spent the Sunday at the zoo, then straight back into work on Monday. I remember it was very cold - penalty of a December wedding. I am sure that the sun is going to shine for yours hot and you will have a wonderful day.

Hope you are still up for a bit of an early celebration one evening at the FoQ wink

Carol B xx

Kerstin10/08/2012 19:55:29
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gee Tessa , time sure flys . September is a great month to get married.

my son and sweet Dil got married in September, 2 years ago. Boy when I remember how worried we been that everything worked out.

Im happy to hear you got everything under controll. Good for youyes.

I hope you and your DP have a wonderful day filled with love,family, friends and lots of sunshine.

hugs Kerstin

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