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Just a fun thing....

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Janet M13/07/2012 01:03:19
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Hi All,

As I am sitting here messing around I thought I would come up with a new game for us.

What we have to do is describe ourselves and our STAR SIGN we were born under, you can be as exotic as you wish, obviously we will know who has posted the message and description but it will get us chatting to each other - I hope - and we will find out a little bit more about ourselves. Just a bit of fun girls. Who will be first.....

I do hope you will all have a go.....we could maybe even have a guess at the birth date of the person who has done the description of themselves just as an added bonus.....

This is for everyone to have a go, not just if you are in the birthday club.

Come on then, lets see some starstar


rosemary Rosenfeld13/07/2012 09:00:28
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I am a capricorn, but I'm not sure what the books say applies to me! "A stickler for system and routine, Interest in finance"!!!??? ( I could shop for England as long as it's fabric!!!!)


quilt and patch13/07/2012 09:56:56
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I am a Scorpio. Wiki says determined,reserved,loyal and secretive,firm,proud capable of unmistakable traits of character that cause them to be either very much liked or very much disliked. suspicious nature,discreet,wise and prudent as to display extraordinary genius (like that bit haha)

Born the same day as Prince Charles think I have stayed more loyal having been married for 42 years!

Guess I am secretive as I hold things in! Definately suspicious nature.... some would call it nosey!!!!

p.s. Jan,we can't guess birth date if we are in the birthday club as we have them all wrote down!!

I know Liz, but I trust folk not to peek......vamp

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mandy13/07/2012 10:24:18
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I'm a scorpio too.

determined-oh yes-I like my own way cheeky

Firm-If I know I'm right I'll hold my ground.

Secretive-if that includes buying fabric and hiding it all over the house-them that's me smiley

Discreet-sneaking moe fabric into the house

I like to organise,to be in control.

Loyal- been with the same man since I was 15, married for nearly 24 years( all that could change because he's getting on my nerves QUITE A LOT)

Genius- well that debatablenerd


pamela jeffrey13/07/2012 10:28:12
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I am a Capricorn. Just looking at my mug with Capricorn on. It says we Ambitious,loyal, thoughtful, oranganized and hardworking.

Then to top the lot I am a goat.

Margaret S13/07/2012 11:09:35
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Just looked up Pisces and boy did it describe me in so many ways!

Pisceans are described as compassionate,charitable and love to help others. Spiritual and very focused on their inner journey. It is not uncommon to feel their own burdens as well as those of others. Pisceans can lapse into melancholy and pessimism leading to procastination and lethargy. (Don't I know that!)

Pisceans are creative. Pisceans feel a great deal and feel misunderstood. Find it easiest to live in their own world full of dreams and secrets.The intuition of Pisceans is highly evolved and can be thought of as psychic. ( Over the years I have shocked DH with some of my psychic premonitions. He gets very uneasy when it happens.)

Pisces is the sign of a pair of fish so we tend to 'go with the flow' and 'don't make waves' but it gets quite choppy when we speak out!

Finally, when a Piscean's mind is at ease then concentrate on the feet, which are a frequent source of discomfort. Didn't know that was because I am a Piscean!

You only know what I choose to tell you, but does that sound like me?


P.S. Read Mandy's Scorpio comment. DH is Libra, which can be quite a fiery mix with Pisces but we have been married for 45years so something must work!

Caz13/07/2012 16:24:04
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I'm a Pisces too,, and boy-oh-boy,, Margarets' description is nearly me to a 'T'!! Particularly the bit about the feet!!


Claire Bear13/07/2012 20:23:10
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Ok, I'm a Taurus.

its says that we are calm, steady and very loyal people. We are dogged in achieving our goals and will plod on continuously until the job is done. This doggedness can be perceived a stubbornness.

we love the goods things in life and enjoy being creative. We love food, pleasure and the finer things. We are also down to earth. We dont like to argue but when you wind us up enough, stand back as we go like a rocket! We are also loving but have to be careful not to become too possessive. We love family life and long term relationships.

this is me to a T!!!!

Marlene Hutchinson13/07/2012 21:24:59
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I too am a Taurus and all of the above is just about right as far as I am concerned...this is me to a T also....maybe we are twins Claire... he he wink 2

Sylvia13/07/2012 22:12:36
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Well, since no Virgos have popped up yet, here I am.

Haven't actually looked anything up but know our main character trait is perfectionism. I do have some of that but think I am growing out of it!!! I am very organised and have an analytical mind, often not a good thing to live with, either for others or me.

We could add the day we were born and it's relevance according to the old rhyme.

I am a Sunday child which I have always thought was a good one to be.

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