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Joanna Kent04/05/2018 13:47:08
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Thank you Carol. I hope you are persuaded to continue with P&Q....

​To some extent, there has always been an overlap between both magazines but they have co-existed quite happily for so many years, well over 25 years maybe?

​As far as I am aware the forum will be continuing, although we may need to tweak the website somewhere along the line as P&Q now has a URL for it's website that is for a magazine that no longer exists.
​Like Emma, the sharing of the website hasn't been ideal for either magazine, but it was something we had to endure.

​I'm afraid I won't be able to be too proactive on the forum as I just don't have the time but I will be dipping in every now and then though to catch up on what has been going on and I'm sure my ears will be burning if I am being talked about


xstitcherx05/05/2018 10:44:17
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I was sad to read that PP will be no more. Having been a subscriber for about 10 years. And last month I acctually entered the BOM quilt competition. My first ever quilt competition, and I challenged myself to Free Motion Quilt it. Earlier this week I took out a trial subscription of P&Q, so I don't want my subscription to continue, so I guess I need to contact them.

Sue 6205/05/2018 19:14:37
593 forum posts
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I received my PP magazine today and was saddened to read of it's demise in the enclosed letter.

I already have a subscription with British P & Q so really hope you do manage to incorporate our favourite parts from both. Pleased to hear that Stuart will still be with us-probably my favourite parts of the magazine.

I've always felt that PP has a more jaunty approach to p&q and P & Q is more serious. Maybe that's just me!!

My only comment is that I need some date for when to tell the bank to stop paying out for PP!!

Best wishes to you too Emma.


Sue 6205/05/2018 19:26:31
593 forum posts
29 photos


Marian C05/05/2018 23:03:54
59 forum posts
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In reply to Joanna about the bits I don’t like, today’s magazine has some very good examples. There are 3 projects in the magazine which use Makower fabrics on a total,of 14 pages - the patterns for 2 of the projects are available for free on the Makower website ( Beachcomber and Beachcomber tote), yet take up 9 pages in the magazine. I am angry that the magazine is being “packed out” with free patterns AND that the projects promote buying specific fabric from one supplier. I would prefer to see projects that can use the fabrics that ALL of us have in our stash already.

Sue 6205/05/2018 23:39:55
593 forum posts
29 photos

I so agree with your last sentence Marian. One of the reasons I am enjoying working slowly on Stuart's Mystery Quilt was that he used materials from his stash and I followed his lead.

Of course I could have bought all the lovely fabrics which were being advertised but I had some equally lovely materials in all the colours suggested and I changed my background to assorted creams instead of the dark one.

Hopefully there will be exciting projects for some of the other fabric designers this summer. I'm a fan of Lewis & Irene for example-especially the pretty prints available.


Myra of Cheadle06/05/2018 10:50:37
590 forum posts
128 photos
I was saddened to collect my magazine from home yesterday and to read it is the final edition...
My computer tablet has broken so I have missed discussion on the forum. Staying in a Premier Inn with dd who has moved out of a flat but not yet signed her new tenancy agreement..
However, we spent 6 hours with Dove Patchers yesterday so some sanity was restored.
I too have a subscription to BP&Q so will evolve with the changes. Hope to be part of the forum again soon,
TTFN Myra and dd in Stockport
rosemary Rosenfeld06/05/2018 14:45:33
5851 forum posts
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Having read both magazines over the years I know that there are many similarities.....they both have articles on new fabric ranges......... quilting books ............ classes /courses/exhibitions ..........quilts and quilters........and new products. I have always liked B&Q's "In a nutshell" article! Hopefully a new reader will pick up the magazine and find it really useful. I understand the feelings over what seems to be always using one manufacturer....... but honestly ...I have never followed a pattern so closely that I feel the need to go out and buy the exact fabrics.

I personally like to see a variety of projects....big and small, by a variety of designers and in a variety of techniques if at all possible. I think it's important that each magazine should also have projects with different difficulty ratings. There is nothing worse than all the projects being too easy or too hard! It can be very demoralising!

Best Rosemary

maria hewitt06/05/2018 15:28:36
980 forum posts
186 photos
I did admire the compass quilt and bag using the same fabric, but thought about my enormous stash of fqs and decided not to buy more.And I have a large stash of UFOs. However I am a bit like Rosemary, the only time I've stuck rigidly to the pattern is when making a block for a community quilt, and I found that extremely hard. I tend to muddle along making adjustments and changes as I go, whether it be patchwork, quilting, bag making, dressmaking, or even cooking and other hobbies!
Everything usually turns out OK, and if it doesn't, I keep quiet, and nobody realises it's not supposed to be like that! lol 😂
Joanna Kent08/05/2018 09:41:01
12 forum posts
8 articles

Morning Folks

​Gosh so many replies needed. As I'm a newbie to the forum, I'm guessing I have to do the replies either in one single post, or in a series of posts i.e. it's not Facebook (sorry to mention the F word wink) where I can click reply to each person's post?

​ goes.........((long!!))

xstitcherx - I'm not sure which subscription you don't want to continue, but if you have months left on your Pop Patch subscription, this will automatically change to a sub to P&Q. The trial sub to P&Q may not auto-renew anyway. To be sure you are best to phone or email the subs dept as mentioned in the letter you should have received with your copy of the June issue of Pop Patch

Sue 62 - First of all....Lovely photo! I think you are probably right in your feeling that P&Q is more serious. I think our written articles have always had a bit more meat to them than some other magazines, particularly some of the newer ones. I like to feature reviews of quilt exhibitions regularly as I feel quilters like to see pictures of quilts for inspiration.
​Again any remaining issues of your Pop Patch sub will transfer to P&Q so your P&Q subscription will effectively extend by that number of issues.
​I like to think P&Q has a good mix of contributors where you have those that seem to appear in various magazines every month using the latest fabrics and those that have used fabrics in their stashes.
​As regards Lewis & Irene projects, we did seem to lose our way with them for a short time but have a table runner from Sally Ablett in the June issue using Lindos fabrics and Naomi Clarke is beavering away at the moment making something using fabrics from the Hann's House collection.

Marian - thank you for your feedback. Sadly it is a fact for us that we need to use these free projects from fabric companies so that we can stay within our budgets. I guess Makower fabrics that are the ones we use the most and that's probably because they are most keyed up about it. They know exactly when their fabrics are due to arrive so it makes forward planning so much easier. If I use one of their in-house designed projects, I will always edit it into what I call 'P&Q speak' so all our projects have the same tone. In the last couple of years, if I haven't liked the project they are offering for a particular collection, they have provided me with fabric and I have designed something myself. The latest example is a quilt I've designed using fabrics from the Rex collection which is in our June issue.
​I do try to avoid having more than one project from a particular fabric company in any one issue but every now and then I have to put two in. However, they would always be from different collections. I wouldn't feature more than one project using the same collection.
​Sometimes, there is only one supplier at the end because they have designed the quilt and are stocking the fabrics.
​See my reply to Sue above as regards some of our contributors making items from their stashes.

Myra in Cheadle - thank you for staying with us. Glad to hear sanity has resumed. It's amazing how our craft can help many problems abate, even if it's just for a short time.

Rosemary Rosenfeld - I try to have a mix of projects as I know not everyone wants to make a bed sized quilt in every issue. Rating projects isn't always easy as it's subjective.

Maria Hewitt - Variety is the spice of life and if readers feel they want to take an idea in the magazine and run with it themselves, then that's great but equally there are quilters who want to make something exactly the same, and I guess that is where the fabric company projects hold their own. It is of course impossible to keep everyone happy all of the time but if I can keep most people content most of the time.....

​Phew! I think that's to open my magazine inbox. Wish me luck!


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