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Inches or centimetres?

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Winnie the B.O.L.B03/04/2013 15:35:49
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Hi Jill - your last comment about "measuring" a millimetre is one of the things I find impossible in terms of the accuracy that we need to work to.

My biggest problem just now is that i have just opened a patchwork group in my village - where 90% of my members are French so I am having to TRY to convert all my patterns into metric for them!!! Even they have started to realise how much easier it is with inches!! So much so, that 2 of the ladies who had already got osome metric rulers have now bought a couple of metric ones to lay next to their metric ones to help them do the conversions but I have persuaded 2 of my ladies who are brand new to pathworking to actually buy their rulers in inches!! As one of them said, it doesn't matter what you CALL a measurement - we could talk about monkeys and elephants - it is still jist a measurement so no matter what we use in th erest of our lives, we cna eaily use inches for patchwork!


Francoise Vrabel03/04/2013 15:51:37
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Hi Margaret

I've found the same thing imn my patchwork group. All the French members do the most exquisite hand work,including boutis. I feel they rather look down on machine work but I can't hand sew well, and don't see the need, this is the 21st century after all and sewing machines have been used for patchwork for at leat a hundred years.

I prefer metric measurements, as I only need to think of 1/2 cms, not bother with 3/4 or 7/8 th inches. I cant remember have to add or multiply fractions, school was too long ago!


JillR03/04/2013 18:32:02
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Imperial for me. I have no problem with metric or Imperial to work with generally, but i want to be able to use finer measurements than 1/2cm with some degree of accuracy, a mm or 2 is so difficult to see and use, the 1/8 th inch does this for me. Still having lectured Maths I don't have a problem with fractions.

Winnie the B.O.L.B03/04/2013 18:57:11
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I couldn't agree more Jill - for intricate measuremnets, metric is awful.


Irene B04/04/2013 09:13:18
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I'm more comfortable with Imperial.............but I have to work in centimetres with the GC when I'm in Switzerland and manage reasonaly well.

Irene rose

Kerry F12/04/2013 06:50:42
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I use metric for everything else.... except sewing, even dressmaking,.

Susan M12/04/2013 07:43:09
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For patchwork and general sewing I think and work in inches. Our local fabric shop sells in meters using a metal ruler fixed to the counter however they use an imperial ruler and rotary cutter to cut across the width. The assitant is now used to me asking for small amounts of fabric and yesterday I asked her for two strips of 7and a half inches cut to the nearest 10 centimeter!!!!! I suspect that anyone listening to the conversation would have me down as a real 'nutter'..... I can see straight away that the strips are just what I need.

Last time my husband wanted some wood he sent me for 1.5 meters of 3 by 2 (inches of course)!!!!!!! See we ladies are not the only ones hanging on to imperial.

Regards Susan

susan faria27/06/2014 14:42:02
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dear All

I was brought up using imperial but taught metric as well, I find patchwork great in imperial and think in imperial.

My daughter who is under 30 was also taught in metric, but now uses both when buying parts for helicopters,

and she also thinks in imperial, we speak English as well as more than half the world, why would we change.

embrace imperial every body speaks English as it is the language for business.


Katy04/07/2014 11:07:46
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I was in a quilt shop a while ago, trying to buy yardage, but the lady in the shop was completely metric, which I found odd. I knew I needed 3/4 yd or whatver, and that meant nothing to her at all. I know fabric has to be sold in metric units, but she didn't seem to be able to convert from one to the other at all, so I had to do it for her. Do you all shop for fabric in metric units?

Irene B07/07/2014 19:01:33
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I've got used to buying fabric in metric now, but still think imperial to 'see' in my minds eye how big the measurement is! When talking to DD on phone I was asking for measurement of her table (for table cloth I made for Easter) and I heard GS Jonny shout out, "Does Granma want it in inches or metres"!!! So he works in both metric and imperial. He knows my preference tho' smile

Irene rose

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