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PP Slimming Group 2016

Losing weight together

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Sue 6223/01/2016 17:21:25
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Oh dear I joined the 'put some on' group this week. Just a pound but so annoying. I probably didn't do as much walking as usual with this ghastly wet weather continuing.

I'm not going to tell how much I am until I'm down to my retirement weight-only 7 pounds to go- and then I'd love to lose another stone or two! If only I didn't have such a sweet tooth face 9 Sue*

Winnie the B.O.L.B24/01/2016 13:01:26
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I did it again for some daft reason, I forgot to log in yet again on Wednesday - I'm happy - I lost 1.5lbs so that's cheered me on. That's basically all the weight that I put on with all the chaos I had over December/Christmas so I'm really properly on the way down now.smiley I MUST keep it up (down!) nowyes

Val - it can never be "too late" to join in our Slimming Group - please just start logging in whenever you want to - most of us "weigh in" once a week but you can yell "help" at any time you need to - we all support each other. You don't have to say what you way unless you want can say how much you'd like to lose in total or just say how must you've lost that week- or occasionally put on!!! Just do what right for you.


Kay A25/01/2016 00:12:08
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I haven't had chance to post for the last two weeks. Last week I was 2 1/2lbs down & the week before 3 1/2lbs. So that's 10 1/2lbs so far this year. 26lbs to go!

Well done to everyone, the losers & especially the gainers, as it's hard to get back on track when you've had a blip xxx

Valerie Whydall25/01/2016 08:02:10
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Thanks. I get weighed on a Friday morning. Christmas I put on weight, ashamed it was over 7lbs plus. When I went back after Christmas lost 10lbs, then 2lbs but last week put one 1lb - disappointing. Not going to let that slight hiccup have a negative effect on me.


Winnie the B.O.L.B25/01/2016 08:49:45
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Kay - that's wonderful - I've lost about the same as you - only difference is that I have 20 kilos to go- that's about 44lbs!!!!!!! That's why I don't think in "final targets" too often - it can be discouraging!! I am working towards "breaking" my next "stone" marker - only 5.5 lbs to go to get there. Great progress - you should be proud of yourself.

Val - well done - it's always a bit easier to lose large amounts when you have put some of it on very quickly too. That may be why you put a pound back on last week because obviously 12lbs lost since the beginning of the year was a large amount. So a pound back on was maybe not too unusual. If you try to be pretty strict for a couple of days then you might find things even themselves out again and you just have a steady loss. Don't go "starving" yourself just to try to get the weight of more quickly - it will just be a weight loss that will be very easy to put straight back on again.

Good luck and keep going. Like me, I'm sure you are feeling much brighter and better in yourself as well.


Winnie the B.O.L.B27/01/2016 07:09:44
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I haven't forgotten it's Wednesday this week!! i lost another 1.5lbs - so I just have 4lbs to go to my next target! Feeling good.

Good luck to everyone else.


pamela jeffrey27/01/2016 08:35:14
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I gained one pound.

Gave myself a good talking to and hopefully back on track.

I am finding it such hard work just now

Bye Pam

Fay Morris27/01/2016 10:44:04
437 forum posts
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Hello friends

It is really hard - but we need - as the song says, "pick yourself up, dust yourself and START ALL OVER AGAIN" and then watch the next u-tube which shows them dancing - we must just be very grateful when we do succeeed

Last May I started letting go of my weight ( I don't say lose it - because in the past-many times -I lost weight and then I found it again) but I want it to go and PG to stay gone. At the time I weighed 117 kilo - I am not translating it into pounds but the 117 is scrary enough! Today I weighed myself and it was 109.50 HORRAY! I weigh myself everyday and often it goes up and down in the range of one kilo at a time but over the months it has gone down at least 6 kilo! P.G. it will continue to go down because I am trying hard to do things differently. I don't eat white flour, don't have cookies/biscuits with my afternoon coffee and generally eat a bit less.

I congratulate all of those who are succeeding and those who are trying and will succeed in the future

light, love and blessings to all of you


Lesley27/01/2016 11:21:11
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Morning all,

I m back to try again. I did loose a bit last time with help from everyone here thank you, but I have not been good since,

so I gave myself a good talking to and I m going to try really hard this time., I m pleased that I am

not back where I was last time which was 15st.6lb, now I am 14st.13lb. So this time I am going to try

goals, so I m going to try to get to14st. first. Good Luck to everyone, and well done to those are succeeding.

Fay you are so right pick yourself up dust yourself of and start all over again, here goes.

Well done Winnie, Pam I agree it is hard, I think its the time of year for me, its the weather I, can t get out in

the garden, and I have not been able to do much sewing, just lately, and its been all the cuppa s and biscuits.

so now I can back to more sewing its going to be less tea ,biscuits, and a book and more sewing.


rosemary Rosenfeld27/01/2016 11:26:28
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Well done everyone! No change for me but that's OK! Best Rosemary

Edited By rosemary Rosenfeld on 27/01/2016 11:27:04

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