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PP Slimming Group 2016

Losing weight together

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pamela jeffrey05/01/2016 16:51:21
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Stayed the same this week, so very pleased with that

Bye Pam

rosemary Rosenfeld06/01/2016 09:20:54
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Well my stern talking to didn't do much good this week.....but it will! Best Rosemary

Winnie the B.O.L.B06/01/2016 10:03:49
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Hi - I'm with you again!!! I had really put back on 12 lbs of what I had lost over the last couple of years so it must come off!! I have got off to a good start and lost 4 pounds last week - I get weighed on a Wednesday morning. I know that is a "first week" loss amount and won't continue at that rate but I am determined to carry on. I need to lose 3 stone in total! It should help that DH wants to shed a stone - he has a "tummy" for the first time in his life - so we are both watching our eating. Also borrowed an exercise bike from a friend (who hasn't used it for months!!!) - before going out and buying my own I want to be sure I will use it - and so far, so good.

Good luck to everyone, especially our new "members"


Fay Morris06/01/2016 10:38:49
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Keep up the good work and be ready for the times when the scale does not change - it is only a number and don't convince yourself that the food plan isn't working ( I don't use the d...word)

best wishes love


Fay Morris06/01/2016 10:44:16
437 forum posts
79 photos

Rosemary and everyone else hi

I believe that the best way is only positive - accept the negative - it happens but try to "pat yourself on the back" each time you do something that is positive. As the song says "accentuate the positive"

lets all continue to help each other

BTW there is going to be an internet summit regarding the positive attributes of fat and the negative effects of sugar if someone wants to watch/listen. It is free

Always Hungry? Here's why...

05 Jan 16

Books on weight loss fall into 2 categories: Books by “experts” advocating some variations of the same advice we’ve heard for years: eat less/exercise more, and books by celebrities, often with interesting new approaches, but lacking on the science.

And then there’s a third category with just one book: It’s Always Hungry? written by Harvard Professor David Ludwig. This book not only offers a radical new way to think about weight loss, it’s written by a physician and scientist who’s actually doing research (and publishing it in the world’s leading medical journals). If you buy just one book this month. This is it.

The plan in Always Hungry? is the opposite of low calorie/low fat — and completely compatible with recommendations in my new book, Eat Fat, Get Thin, coming out next month. On his diet, you’ll eat high fat foods like nuts and nut butters, full fat dairy, luscious sauces and spreads; savory proteins (with vegetarian options) and whole food natural carbohydrates. And because this approach works with, rather than against, your biology, you eat until satisfied, snack when hungry, and never count calories again. This is dieting without deprivation.

Wishing you health and happiness,

Mark Hyman, MD

Always Hungry on Amazon

Margaret S06/01/2016 10:48:35
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Confession time - 12st 11lbs. I have been eating a lot over Christmas and this accounts for 4lb of the gain. I lost my motivation last year for two reasons. Partly through DH's health issues and also the loss of my vanity motivation. When Winnie set up this thread, I had a quilty friend who had had a gastric band fitted. She lost a huge amount of weight and looked fantastic but this made me the heaviest in the group and I didn't like it. Sadly she has expanded again. She has had to stop using the band because for some reason it interfered with her bipolar medication. She was given the option of - fat and happy, or thin and very depressed.

My aim now is a big kick up the butt and to get back down to 12st 7lb and then seriously work on it.

Good luck to all.


Sue 6207/01/2016 01:04:59
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Well I kept it up and lost half a pound on Tuesday-just think another block of butter! It brought me down to a nice round figure of ** stones. I would just like to get my bmi down to an acceptable level. Weightwatchers has started yet anothe way-Smartpoints- so I'm going to try the No count food list for a change.

Good luck everyone, Sue.

Diane Ford08/01/2016 15:18:26
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I managed to lose 21 pounds between September and December, and got down to 11st 5lb. But then I hit a plateau, and now I've somehow managed to gain four pounds this week. I'm declaring 11st 9lb as my 2016 starting weight, and I'll be weighing in on Fridays now.

My first target is to get down to 10st 12lb (two stone total weight loss), which I was originally hoping to do by Christmas, and I'm hoping to get close to a healthy BMI by my 63rd birthday in March.


Kay A09/01/2016 09:13:52
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Hi Everyone

I'm so pleased this thread is running again this year. I've got a big birthday coming up & target weight in mind. I've joined slimming world & lost 4 1/2lbs last week so I'm really pleased.

I wonder how much we can lose each month supporting each other xxx

Marlene Hutchinson11/01/2016 09:55:21
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Good morning I've been on the diet since 1 January and lost 3 1/2 pounds so very happy with that.

I like a Monday as my weighi in day so it's a little over a week.

Well done to everyone that has lost.

Good luck.

Cheerio Marlene face 23

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