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PP Slimming Group 2016

Losing weight together

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rosemary Rosenfeld02/03/2016 12:31:05
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Heep up the good work Sue! I'm not going anywhere at present ....but...... as long at isn't going up I can live with that! best Rosemary

Diane Ford02/03/2016 16:59:30
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I forgot to post on Friday, but there was no change, and I still weighed 11st 7lb.


Winnie the B.O.L.B02/03/2016 19:02:31
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Well,I think I'm going to demand a refund on these stupid high technology scales!! On my 40 year old mechanical scales I have lost 1 lb - that's OK. On these @£$%^&+@£$ computerised ones I first of all weighed 15st 9lb - which was impossible - I was 16st 4 last week! So I checked again immediately - as they told me to - and I weighed 16st 1lb - check again - 15st 11lb - gave up!! Checked when I came back home tonight when I was getting changed and was "naked"!!! Guess what - on my mechanical scales I weighed 16st 4lb (16st 3lb this morning) which is roughly what you would expect ; on the stupid ones - 15st 9lbs!! They are so crazy they are depressing me rather than encouraging me.

Anyhow - the thing to record is that I have lost 1 lb this week!!! So, I'll take comfort from that and ignore the others in the meantime while I try to get my son and my husband their money back!!

Well done everyone else - great news from lots of you - even those of you who are "just" (!!) managing to keep the pounds from going back on again

Winnie xx.

Margaret S03/03/2016 09:02:13
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Well, I am not doing too well at the moment. I seem to be going up and down a lot. Last week I was very slightly down on the week before and this week I am over 1lb up! Will have to try much harder to resist the biscuits! One day this week I was very heavy and I have a suspicion that there might be some water retention going on.

Winnie don't let those scales depress you. It is very strange that they don't seem to want to work for you. Could it be some problem with the link-up to your computer? I know that if I weighed on the mechanical scales in the bathroom that I would be half a stone lighter. Very tempted some weeks!

Well down to all of you who have managed to loose or stay the same, and good luck to the rest of us.


Katy03/03/2016 10:37:06
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Winnie, I don't know if I've said this before, but what is the floor like under your digital scales? Is it level? Have you tried moving them to a different area of the house?

Sue 6203/03/2016 12:07:01
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I have ww scales. If I want to use them on a carpet there are special feet to put on. It really used to make a big difference to my weight if one fell off or I used them in the bathroom on tiled floor. So now they're permanently in the bedroom on the carpet. Unless the battery goes flat they show me with jeans etc on as about 3 lbs heavier. The main reason I now weigh myself in undies! Don't give up . Sue* rose

Ps Perhaps a visit to Boots ( or French equivalent) is in order to get a definitive weight for yourself? Why does this happen?

Winnie the B.O.L.B03/03/2016 18:55:29
3340 forum posts
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Thanks for all your support. it really helps to make me feel cheerier.

Katy - thank you. Like you I think the problem must be between my link between the computer and the scales . It works well for my husband, who is also officially registered as a user of these scales!! I do actually weigh myself on a tiled floor as recommended by the makers of this system, in exactly the same place and at the same time of day - without even my undies!!!! I have also made sure that they are perfectly level!! I am going to ring them one more time tomorrow and then!!!!??? As I said , I have 40 year old mechanical scales - which were my scales when I was the teacher/leader of a class for Scottish Slimmers (and then called just the Slimmer club) for many years; they show my DH at the same weight as the fancy ones - me - NO!! I believe the old ones even although they are higher!

Margaret - I understand your temptation - only for me it is the reverse between my scales!!

As for your see-sawing weight - it is a very frequent problem - one week we are on the ball, the next we get a bit down - maybe about something other than our weight - and have a "cheer myself up" eating week!! Only, as we know, it doesn't cheer you up for more than a few minutes at a time and then you feel worse so you eat some more to "cheer yourself up!!!!!!! As for fluid retention, it could be contributing to the problem. One thing I find helps that is to try - even just for a week, the 5/2 idea - the 2 very low calorie days tend to make you go to the loo more often and get rid of more fluid and sometimes this helps to reduce slight bloating (if you are feeling that)and weight gain. Worth a try if you can - if not, a chat with your GP wouldn't be a bad idea. I'm definitely not a doctor!!

Sue, unfortunately, there isn't a French equivalent of Boots - I wish there were!! The French system works differently and pharmacies cannot really be anything but pharmacies - if that makes sense! They don't have scales although it would be a good idea f they had.

I'll try to keep going - I must!!

Winnie xx

Diane Ford05/03/2016 00:01:56
469 forum posts
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No change again this week, and I still weigh 11st 7lb. I don't think I'll be able to lose nine pounds in the next three weeks, to reach a two stone weight loss by my birthday, but I'm still hoping I can lose a few more pounds by then. I wish I felt well enough to exercise. It made a huge difference to my weight loss when I was able to get some exercise for just a few weeks at the end of last year.


Fay Morris05/03/2016 07:08:38
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Hi Diane

don't give up !



Marlene Hutchinson07/03/2016 13:11:02
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Sorry to say another 1/2lb on this week and wee Morgan and family are comng for the weekend so will do my best until then.

Good luck everyone.

Cheerio, Marlene face 23

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