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Thread: Interleave quilts
31/07/2015 12:26:07

Love the design but it looks like a lot of maths involved, which isn't my strong point!!!!

Thread: Any problems with printable computer paper
20/06/2015 08:51:53

Hi, my husband is the computer/printer expert in the house - due to the fact that he is a photocopier engineer. He asked if you are using the right inks for the printer? the genuine manufacturers products.

We have a Canon printer but we buy a non named ink, as far cheaper than the genuine Canon ones. A cheaper ink will not have the same properties, level of pigment or colour fast as the expensive genuine Canon ones. But they work for every day printing.


Thread: Zazzle's fabric printing service
27/04/2015 11:38:29

Hello, I look forward to seeing the review and your views on fabric printing. It is something I am very interested in trying - have asked my husband (who manages all my website and other computer stuff) to have a look at this area, with the idea of having some fabric printed, just for me, to my own designs.


Thread: Chat
24/04/2015 10:03:49

Hi, absolutely love the bookcase quilt - so would my daughter!!! She is 15 and mad about books, her bedroom is full off them, including the floor!!! She has been trying for ages to work out if 'we' can use the wallpaper with books on it somewhere in the house!!! So, a quilt with personalised books and items, she would love.

On fabric dislike I am with you on upside down prints!!!

Thread: One Project at a time or multiplies
23/04/2015 09:33:00

Hello, reading all these posts has made me realise that I am not the only one with lots of projects in the planning, drawn up, waiting to be made, started and unfinished stage.!!!

I had wondered as most of the people I teach and some have been making quilts for years, just do one project at a time, I thought I might be odd.. well more odder than normal!

Do wonder if I will ever manage to get all the quilt tops quilted and all the other craft stuff done?

20/04/2015 19:56:41

So, it isn't just me that has multiply things on the go.... and that was only the patchwork quilting stuff I mentioned, not the knitting (do stick to just one thing at a time with that) or my newest hobby weaving.

I have projects on the go for how I feel and also the type of work I fancy doing, hand or machine, hand quilting or hexagons for travelling. Then there is the teaching bits!

Will admit I do keep thinking I should finish some - may be quilt a few of my tops before I start anything new but.......

20/04/2015 11:02:35

Hi, I am sitting in my workroom and wondering what to work on next!!! That set me wondering - I have two quilts, a bed runner and a quilted postcard that I am actually working on at the moment. I should also mention that I have 27 quilt tops to be quilted (time permitting) and three other tops waiting to be put together and lots of designs waiting to be started.

In defence, some of the projects are for teaching.

But my question is are you a start and finish one project before starting on the next or like me do you work on multiple projects at a time?

Thread: Bag Making Help/Tips
27/03/2015 19:10:15

Hi, I have designed a number of bags over the years. The most recent was just a small gift bag, for Easter but could be used for anytime. It didn't have wadding, just two layers of fabric and it can be reversed. I cut both outside and inside the same size. I stitched the outside with the standard 1/4" seam allowance and then I stitched the inside with 3/8th seam allowance. The inside slipped easily into the outside and stitched together without tucks or anything. When the bag was reversed, so the outside was inside the bag was still 'smooth'.

When using wadding on the outside of a bag, I find that it is a bit of trial and error on the first version to get the lining right. I start with the seam allowance for the lining 1/8th bigger than the outside seam allowance and then increase it by an 1/8th till it fits!!!

Making your own bag is great - it will be unique.

Thread: Not 100% Cotton - Does it matter?
20/03/2015 14:41:32

I agree about the quilt police! you do what is right for you and the item that you are making.

As far as possible I encourage my classes to use 100% cotton fabric, as they shrink and handle the same. But sometimes, mostly for cost reasons they do use fabric with polyester in for the backs of the quilts. We have come across a few issues, when quilting the backs with polyester even when well pinned do tend to 'slip', leading to puckers on the back, especially more so with polyester waddings. They need to be pinned or tacked more than with cotton.

The other noticeable thing is the shrinkage, especially if the quilt is going to be washed a lot, the cotton fronts shrink more than the cotton/polyester backs.

But at the end of the day, you use what is right, price wise, item wise and use wise for you.

Thread: Cool Links
16/03/2015 10:47:30

Hello Katy

Thank you. The website is all down to my husband, Tony, he designed it and then keeps it updated.

I also have a Facebook page Tortoise Crafts which I post work on.


Thread: Quilt Labels
13/03/2015 10:56:05

Hi, I mostly use two methods and often have both on a quilt!!!

I will quilt in my logo (tortoise) and the date on the border of the design, in the thread colour to match the border, so unless you are really looking for it, it doesn't show. But as it is stitched its part of the quilt and there for years to come.

I also have a stamp of my logo, which I stamp onto stabilized plain cream or white fabric using VersaCraft stamp pad. This is suitable for fabric and once ironed is permanent. I then write the name of the quilt and who it is designed by and the made by and the date in Pigma Micron Archival Ink. I then add a message if needed. I then iron it all and stitch this on the back of the quilt.

I often do a second label, with the details of the materials used (cotton fabric and the type of wadding) and the washing instructions, if I am not keeping the quilt for myself.

The logo idea, came from going to the 'Mouseman' workshop in Yorkshire when I was a child!!! on all the furniture he made he carved a 'mouse'. It stuck with me and years later the tortoise has become my logo.

Thread: Cool Links
12/03/2015 15:38:48

Hi Katy,

Could you please, if possible put a link to my website

I don't do a blog but a monthly diary page and those that sign up for the monthly email updates get a free pattern with it. My website already links to the Popular Patchwork one, through the quilts and cushions designs that have been published and as and when new ones are published they too will be linked in.



Thread: pets and friends
11/03/2015 17:18:58

I really miss not having a dog, more so after reading the posts, especially as I work from home most of the time but we agreed not to have any more or cats. Just got three cornsnakes and two tortoises!!!

Thread: Colours and seasons
09/03/2015 19:21:18

Hello, I don't like strong yellows, reds or bright oranges - I put the bright orange down to having sheets as a child that where white background with orange edges and orange flowers all over them. They just didn't wear out!!!! eventually when I was 12 I spent my birthday money on Edwardian Lady bedlinen and a duvet, it was the only way I got rid of the orange sheets!!!

I also don't like mustard or moss green very much and that is possibly as our kitchen was that colour. I look at the fabric that is mid-20th Century based and the furniture and it just reminds me of the stuff I was brought up with!!

But saying that I do use the colour, Laura's Owls (published in the magazine) has bright pink, orange, yellow and pistachio green. And the hexagon Rainbow quilt I finished earlier this year had both orange and yellow. When I showed my classes a lot liked the quilt and understood why it had orange but they don't like orange!!!

I do think in the last few years I have become more open to using different colours, certain colours work for certain projects and that means I often work in colours that aren't my instinctive or favourite ones.

08/03/2015 15:23:13

Hello, the sun has been shinning (well, in the South East) and the daffs are beginning to flower and it has a feeling of Spring is on its way. And when looking at fabric for next projects I found myself looking at yellows, spring green and soft blue - colours of the Spring!!!

The question is am I the only person that finds my colours are inspired by the season and/or weather?

If so what inspires your fabric choices?

Thread: Problems with weak hands/back backs and using rotary cutters
06/03/2015 10:49:05

hello again.

Just read the second page of the post. One of my class has the TrueCut ruler and cutter and from the point of view of cutting more accurately she finds it really good. She had problems with keeping the cutter and ruler lined up right and would often find the cutter 'drifting'. The True Cut ruler and cutter deal with this.

Personally, like Fiona, I find the ruler confusing to cut the right size pieces when I have used it. Possibly as I have used normal cutters for so long and I have a large range of rulers in different sizes and shapes to help me. I am not brilliant with numbers and I always double check that i have the ruler placement right before I cut and will, if doing a lot put quilters masking tape along the measurement line, so I don't have to constantly count.

Fiskars have just brought out something similar to the True Grip - F9515 Combo Rotary cutter and ruler 12" x 12", the cutter is designed for pressing down with the palm by the look of it. I haven't seen it in real life, only as a new release in a trade catalogue!!!

Another thing, one of my class wanted to cut only in her workroom, to keep everything in one place but her sewing table was the wrong height and so she went to Ikea and bought a 'high' table - they do a small one that is designed for small kitchen and to use with bar stools! She has found it brilliant as it is the right height for her, she is 5ft 8", she also looked at the butchers blocks!

06/03/2015 10:34:49


True Grips are 3/4" circles that are frosted, this is the best description of them. I find that they don't in anyway mask the marking lines on the rulers and I have a fair number of different makes of ruler Sew Easy, olfa, Creative Grid and Omingrid.

They come in a pack with 15 circles which depends on the size of the ruler how many you use - my 3" x 18" ruler i have three down the middle, but how I make them go further is that they have a small circle in the middle of the grip that comes out and I then use these small middle dots in between the circles.

I don't very often recommend a product in my classes, as I have found over the years what one person finds good/useful another wont but I do recommend these.

I have tried the handles that suction onto the rulers but I find with them that the angle of my wrist is wrong for cutting and it makes it ache.

So, the True Grips have made my life so much easier.

05/03/2015 12:24:02

Hi, at home I do all my cutting at my kitchen worktop and I find that it is soo much better on my back and also hands and arms. Unfortunately in classes I have to cut on the table top and bending over to cut at this height really puts a strain on my lower back.

The other advantage of cutting in the kitchen is with laminate floor it is a lot easier to sweep up all the threads and fibre dust that is created when cutting.

One product I find brilliant are True Cut TrueGrips, I have these on all my rulers, even the so called non-slip ones. They really help to grip the fabric and then I find that I don't have to put as much down pressure on the ruler, which is a great help on my wrists and hands.

Thread: Web site
06/01/2015 17:41:32

Thank You.

05/01/2015 11:13:59

Hello, some of you may know me from my designs that have been included in Popular Patchwork, like the Floral Applique Quilt and in January 2015 edition Botanics Cushion.

Over the Christmas and New Year my website has been re-done and more added to it, including many new pictures and a few free patterns.

Please have a look

Thank you


Edited By Katy on 06/01/2015 14:41:26

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