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Thread: Advice on posting to America
06/08/2013 07:37:00

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for some advice please. I need to send a quilt to New York in the next few weeks and was wondering what was the best way to do it?

I seem to get the impression that parcel post to the US is a bit unreliable and as this quilt is a gift for my Niece's first baby, I'm really worried that it may go astray.

I have been thinking about using one of those vac-bags...any thoughts?

I would greatly appreciate any advice you could give me.

Thank you

June rose

Thread: Quilt Together 2013
22/07/2013 20:06:32


my camera was on the blink at the time but I've asked Fiona & Cami to put up pictures for me,

June x

Thread: 2013 Birthday Club
22/07/2013 18:10:34

Ah ha so you have ladies Claire, probably explains Murdo's reaction to the photo. He really likes girlies does our Murdo!

June x

21/07/2013 08:27:55

Hi Hannah,

glad you got it, have to admit that my head has been out of it too so I'm not even sure myself if everyone's got their blocks!! lol! Will have to trawl the forum to check.

June x

Thread: Quilt Together 2013
20/07/2013 19:28:33

Hi Fiona and Cami,

both your blocks arrived this morning, they are both lovely, thank you so very much.

As they both arrived together, I thought it might be an idea to lay out all the block and see how things look...


...shaping up nicely, thank you everyone smiley

Of course I do have a lovely extra block from Laura which you can just see part of at the top but I think the less busy one fits in better with the other blocks.

I think I still need to upload a few individual pics so will look to that tomorrow.

Happy Sewing everyone!

June xx rose

Thread: 2013 Birthday Club
19/07/2013 21:33:08

Thanks Claire,

completely forgot to say I showed Murdo the pic of your puppies and he sniffed it all over and then gave it a big kiss, lol!

June x

19/07/2013 20:31:42

Thank you all for the birthday wishes.  Claire - your block & card arrived this morning, thank you - such good timing! x

I brought all the squishies down this morning, can you see yours?


I was very eager to see what block had been selected and how everyone had interpreted this. So I started to open them....and then Murdo got a bit jealous and so he....


...yep he sat on them all!!!

Several cuddles and fusses later, I managed to get them all opened.

Here are all the lovely cards and wee extras I got, I hope you can see yours


I'm sure you all spotted one of the blocks in an earlier photo but would you like to see them all??

Yes....? Oh well if you insist!

Have a drool at this!!


It looks pretty Christmasy doesn't it! I'm not sure if I will use this layout as the golds actually vary from white through to pale gold/cream so I'm thinking of placing them on point and using some zingy golds as the end triangles and perhaps some sashing.....anyway I'm going to have oodles of fun trying out things!

Thank you all so very it too early to start planning for next year? Actually I already know what I'd like embarrassed

June xxxxxxx roseheart






Edited By June on 19/07/2013 20:33:06

Edited By June on 19/07/2013 20:34:12

Edited By Katy on 22/07/2013 13:06:30

19/07/2013 08:14:17

Well ladies,

what a talented bunch you all are!

Brought all my squishies down this morning and began opening them...very exciting. Thank you for all the secure wrapping - particularly Marian T who felt the need to pop everything into two envelopes and selotape almost every side lol! Boy did that test me, though have to say she wasn't the only one, you ladies do love your selotape wink 2

Anyway the cards are lovely and the blocks are glorious, such variation in colours my head is already buzzing with various layouts. Thanks to Alison for letting me know which block it is, will have to look at layouts.

Will sort out some pics later today so you can all drool at the scrummy blocks.

Thank you all again

June xxx

Thread: New look website coming soon
18/07/2013 22:48:28


sorry hun but I'm going to add to your list of things to 'fix'. The Inbox icon flashes when there's a message - good idea but it isn't anywhere eye catching enough. I had messages in there for a couple of days before I realised and I have been on the forum every day so it just wasn't catching my eye.

Can you make this more noticable?

Have to be honest and say I really do not like the icons being along the top bar like that, would prefer to have them out on their own in a side box like the My Friends box.

June xx

Thread: 2013 Birthday Club
18/07/2013 18:11:07

Two more squishies arrived today - many thanks to Reenie and Chris (IOM). Thank goodness it's my birthday tomorrow otherwise I think I would explode from anticipation!!

So pleased your squishie arrived safely Juliet smiley

Thank you Claire for the compliment smiley I love doing these wee things. All I ask is you don't look too closely at the quilty parts (not very good - especially if I do free quilting). Still they do give me a chance to keep practising my techniques and, so long as folk find them useful, it's lovely. (keeping an eye out for your squishie - at least I won't have to wait to open it when it arrives! lol!)

June xx rose

Thread: Quilt Together 2013
16/07/2013 19:38:56

Camilla & Fiona,

Your squishies are ready & will be popped in the post tomorrow. Hope you like what's in them! I'm having camera problems at the mo so I'd really appreciate it if you could post pics please.

Thank you

June xxrose

Thread: 2013 Birthday Club
16/07/2013 17:40:44

Happy Birthday Juliet - sorry but my squishie won't be in the post till tomorrow but I hope you have a great day and get loads of other squishies.

On a completely selfish note...I came home tonight to not one, not two, not three but four lovely squishies!! Many thanks to the following ladies for being so organised - Mandy S; Teresa B; Margaret and Sandy (in Oz).

Been very good and haven't even peeked....must admit to a little squeeze but given they all have a block & card this did not give me any information I did not already have!! lol!

Looking forward to Friday!!

June xx rose

13/07/2013 11:36:17

My lovely postie brought another squishie this morning, from Fiona this time, thank you

June xx rose

12/07/2013 16:42:17

Had a lovely day out with mum visiting a local quilt show with lunch at a fave restaurant, and came home to two more squishies – from Cathy in NZ and Hannah in Bluehills – thank you so much ladies. I’ve popped them away with the others. Getting quite a pile now. Very exciting.

June xxrose

Thread: New look website coming soon
11/07/2013 22:06:40

Hi Katy,

Know you have a lot of things to fix before this will all sort out but just to let you know that I’m still getting things overlapping in the top section. Also I really do not like the new layout and absolutely detest having all the linky bits at the top.

Can I ask, why was the site changed? I was really comfortable with the old one and this new one is (at the moment) a complete nightmare and tbh if I wasn’t in a couple of swaps I probably would not be back anytime soon. Sorry hun but I do feel it is best to be blunt about these things.

Sighs – never mind I will keep braving the site and the forums.

I really do not envy you your job! Good luck!!

June xxx rose

Thread: 2013 Birthday Club
11/07/2013 21:04:33

Hi Cathy,

‘fraid it’s not arrived yet but will let you know as soon as it does. I don’t expect you’ve received mine yet – very tardy in getting things out just now, sorry.

June xx rose

Thread: New look website coming soon
10/07/2013 22:49:12

Tried that - twice - didn't work sad June xx

10/07/2013 21:40:31

Hi Katy,

Just to let you know that the pages are all over the place, overlapping etc Agree with Caz about the ad column being too wide. Sure it will all settle down soon though. Good luck with this,

June xx

Thread: 2013 Birthday Club
10/07/2013 17:48:58

Came home after a tiring day at work to a lovely squishie from Rosemary, thank you m'dear it has joined the pile June xx

09/07/2013 18:27:17

Claire, I am so pleased that you like them both, the red swirly one is a particular favourite of mine at the moment. It comes in other colours and the green is rather swish too

In other news (and yet remarkably similar), I am rather thrilled to say my squishie’s are multiplying *squeeee* I have received squishies from the following lovely ladies:

Jackie ; Alison; Juliet; Katy; Karen E; Pam C; Chris H and Marian T

Thank you so much ladies, it’s all getting very exciting!!

June xx rose heart

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