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Thread: Chat
28/01/2018 16:15:46

Have sent you a Friends Request, Eileen - hope you find it! and can see how to make it work.

Thanks Margaret S - you'll see that my "I give up and surrender" post is there at just the time you saw it!! You'll see the final crazy outcome too if you can understand what I have written!!

Winnie/ Margaret xxxx

28/01/2018 10:43:05

Thank you Rosemary - that was kind of you. I actually finally gave up a few minutes and reset it. As you can see, I am no longer "persona non grata" on the Forum. I have no idea what was happening!!

While I am finally on line, can I just say that my neurologist (epilepsy) has "restricted" the amount of time I can spend at the computer screen every day and none at all at least 1 hour before bedtime. So, I will have to cut down on my Forum time. I haven't been on much for a while anyhow because I have been in pretty rotten form since Christmas so you won't miss me very much!! I'll still be reading them 'cos I can do that quite quickly. Hopefully there might be some improvement/reduction in the frequency of my seizures!

So, hi and all the best wishes to everyone who posts a message - the good news and the not so good kind - I'll still be thinking of you.

I'm off now before I use up all my Sunday "allowance"!!!

Margaret/Winnie xxxx

25/12/2017 18:31:03

How aptly put, Rosemary. I despair at times but, as you say, don’t ever give up hope. I’ve had a lovely day and too much food but once (or twice a year!!???) is permitted, isn’t it?

I hope you all had a lovely day.

Love amd best wishes to everyone.

Margaret/Winie xxxx

25/12/2017 08:29:03

Merry Christmas to everyone from a VERY snowy Chamonix - in the French Alps. We have over 2 feet of snow!!! I’m very happy because I Love the snow. Must be the child still in me.

Margaret/Winnie xxxxx

19/12/2017 07:51:16

Hi Rosemary,

I'm, sadly, too busy to sew. Off to Chamonix Mont Blanc in the French Alps to spend Christmas with our son who lives there. Lots and lots of snow there. He was "snowed in" on the runway at Geneva airport for TWO hours yesterday!!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone when it comes.

Margaret/Winne xxx

17/12/2017 16:25:28

Liz - I'm sure everyone else who knows you will be happy to hear from you again. As I said to you, we miss your cheery chat. I know what you mean by the time flying - it is scary where it goes, isn't it.

Take care and have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with Roy, Chato and Sophie -and everyone else that now has joined your family group


Margaret/Winnie xx

16/11/2017 08:29:00

Just saw a good "catch phrase" - maybe some of you already know it. It is on the same basis as a UFO - it is

STABLE - STash Accuulated Beyond Life Expectancy!!! I'm pretty sure we all have that!

Winnie/Margaret xx

16/11/2017 08:24:12

Jayne - hope things are finally on the up for you this morning. You're having a rotten time of it. You need to be vacating it ,as I am going to be stealing a hospital bed over here in France tomorrow - perhaps they have to match one for one even between here and the UK!! They have finally decided that I need some in depth hospital testing to try to get some answers as to why I have all these seizures, fall around all over the place and forget absolutely everything all the time - among many other stupid things. So, you'll get peace and quiet from me for the next 4/5 days - I think .


Thread: Friendship Swap 2016/7
12/11/2017 22:21:03

That is so cleverly designed - beautiful.

Margaret/Winnie xx

Thread: Chat
08/11/2017 22:37:41

Eileen - I think it's called "JOIN THE CLAN" - oh I do so recognise the syndrome. Still, you probably needed a new ironing board cover anyhow - or you could tell yourself that anyhow!!!

Margaret/Winnie xx

03/11/2017 21:15:43

Sorry - I forgot to add that a bundle of Hug Hearts would be more than well directed to Margaret S as far as I am concerned - she more than deserves them ; my panel that I mad efro your gift to me sits on my wall beside my sewing machine and reminds me every day just how lucky I am to have found all of you. You are always there for me - through thick and thin

Margaret/Winnie xxx

03/11/2017 21:10:08

Margaret, like Beryl, there isn't much more I can add to comments on such moronic, sick behaviour. Th e only thing I might say is that, having had a spell of something similar - although nothing as sick and cruel and before the days of the dreaded "Social media" some years ago - I decided two things ; first, the ones who lost the most were the perpetrators themselves - they must have such sad,lonely and empty lives; secondly, our own lives are far too full of lovely people and things that we actually need to feel sorry for them that they don't have the warmth and love that we have found in OUR lives!!

My fingers are functioning better tonight - hopefully I've corrected my typos!!

Margaret/Winnie. xxx

Thread: Show and Tell
03/11/2017 08:37:02

That's fabulous Glenda - what a clever girl.

Margaret/Winnie xxx

Thread: Friendship Swap 2016/7
02/11/2017 09:16:39

I love the colour combinations, Anita. The effect is just super.

Margaret/Winnie xx

PS I normally see Anita's blocks from the start but she is "absent" just now so this is my first glimpse

Thread: Chat
01/11/2017 09:54:27

Thank you Jayne.

Margaret/Winnie xx

Thread: Show and Tell
30/10/2017 13:47:11

In my opinion - for whatever that is worth! - I think that 13" sides sounds big enough for a table centre - that might mean you could still have it in place when you were actually using the table as opposed to just as a decoration. I'd worry about the wax from the candles!!

Margaret/Winnie xx

30/10/2017 13:18:33

That looks good. You were going to make it a table centre? What size is it like that?

Margaret/Winnie xxx

Thread: Chat
27/10/2017 10:36:56

How about I'll feel sorry for you too, Maria - dizzy is really rotten - I hope it goes away soon. I just got rid of my dizzy/nausea - I can function again.

Margaret/Winnie xx

Thread: Friendship Swap 2016/7
27/10/2017 09:01:03

Claire - these colours are exactly what Anita was looking for - a super addition to her collection.

Beryl - that's fabulous - both your choice of fabrics and your design and finish itself - lucky Rosemary.

Margaret/Winnie xxx

Thread: Chat
22/10/2017 16:40:21

Eileen,Margaret and Sylvia - and anyone else I have missed out!!! - I read you posts about bot flu jabs and agonising back - can sympathise with the backs - have several times just been "locked" in total agony - once on the hall for 3 hours hardly able to breathe!!! A friend's hubby who suffers incredible agony has taught me to have the courage to move "through" it immediately it happens and it does actually work!! You just have to believe in it! That is, of course only the solution for when it has "gone" - the best solution is to try to stop it going out in the first place - for which Margaret S's tips are excellent!

Sylvia - Oh boy, isn't Echinacae just a miracle worker. You know the kind of cold where people say they have " a bit of a cold" - well I never had a "bit of a one" in my life I used to suffer the world's worst colds 4 or 5 times a year - couldn't breathe, see, hear, swallow. Then I started taking Echinacae 7 years ago - I haven't had a cold since!!!

Margaret/Winnie xx

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