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Thread: Friendship Swap 2016/7
17/09/2018 16:10:57

Maria - I thought I had replied to your kind message - but when I looked back just now, it seems as if I haven't!!! Sorry!! It doesn't make my appreciation any the less though!! Yes, epilepsy is "a bit of a pain", you could say but there isn't a cure, just the hope of getting some kind of control over the seizures - and there are worse things to suffer.

I'm sorry I haven't sent you my thoughts over your problems - I haven't been such a frequent reader/contributor as normal over this last while. I hope things are looking up for you.

Love and hugs


Thread: Chat
16/09/2018 18:37:10

We'll all be thining about you and sending these virtual get well wishes that we all keep a "stash" of!!! Take care and get home again soon.

Winnie/Margaret xxxx

Thread: Friendship Swap 2016/7
06/09/2018 18:51:53

Sue - I'll let Simone know about your kind congratulations - I know she'll appreciate it. It wasn't in fact I who posted her photo - she posts it personally to Rosemary, whom she knows, as she can't quite manage with the language on-line. Rosemary then takes the time and trouble to post it on to the Forum.for all of us to share.

My blooming seizures seem to be trying to fight me at every turn but we'll get there in the end - not a lot of choice with something like a house removal, I guess!!

Winnie/Margaret xxx

05/09/2018 20:18:06

Sorry I've been totally absent for quite a long time - I just can't do it just now - but I had to write to say that "my girls" took me out for a wonderful, massive lunch today to say "goodbye" and Simone brought her quilt with her to show us all. It is even lovelier than the photo looks - she has done a magnificent job - both the sashing and the quilting plus all the extra blocks she made herself to make it a full double bed sized quilt.

I am in and out of hospital just now - bit of a pain as we are in the midlde of moving house - the removal van will be here on the 19th/20th of this month. I'll try to get back in the group when I feel better and we've moved house .

Margaret xxxx

Thread: Chat
06/07/2018 22:38:49

Rosemary - very surprised about the JAR- you've made such lovely ones that I have seen this side of the Atlantic. Glad I got it right for the Sew Happy and the Sewing Machine - Struggling about the others.

Can anyone else help me o a different subject? I asked on Chat a while ago and I asked our lovely new editor too but no one replied. I am going CRAZY!! Every time I go to "Chat" either from a link sent to my Inbox or directly on the web, I am made to log-in all over again! You can imagine that is VERY frustrating and time consuming and I have tried everything I can think of to solve it. I do not want to have to re-register as my password is the one I want to keep. HELP PLEASE

Margaret/Winnie xx

06/07/2018 15:47:05

Rosemary - very clever blocks. I reckon some of yours are the Jar, the Reels, one of the sewing machines and (possibly) the Sew Happy?? I could of course be almost totally wrong - not about the Jar though, for sure.

Sylvia - that is really lovely; do you have a "pattern/layout for the sewing machine? It is the nicest one I have ever seen - sorry, no offence meant to Rosemary - hers are lovely too!!!! I love that fabric as well

Winnie/Margaret xx

04/07/2018 14:03:41

These are all just gorgoeus - you should both be very proud. Even better still is to have made what is obviously a long term quilting friend.


02/07/2018 19:43:26

Hi PAM- worried the sun will fade colours on fabric drartically. Sory have to agree wht Margaret S.Tell hubby it's a clever idea but sadly, not parctical.

Margaret/Winnie xx

Sorry, brain in amuddle today; can't wrrwte any mre. soorry for mistakes

19/06/2018 17:28:23

Hi again Joanna - thank you for trying to solve it for me. Fortunately, I have been able to put my Forum contact into my Dashlane password protection system so it is just auto-filling me every time now anyhow - without me having a clue anymore what my password is!!! It is still a bit of a pest but much less so than when I was having to fill in every detail every time to get in!!!!

Margaret/Winnie xx

18/06/2018 21:18:36

Hi Joanna - know what you mean about 'disappearing posts" - used to get it frequently until I discovered that posting from Word made it worse!!!

Thank you for making enquiries about "blocked" magazines - I'm sure Jane and I must/n't been the only ones by any means. I am being really honest and saying that I can decided to cancel my subscription when it comes up for renewal because of all of it - I will now look at the idea again thanks to your kind help.

I also asked how to get back to logging in "automatically. - the way I have done for 5/6 years!! I now have to re-log from scratch in every time I respond to an email alert - have to confess it is very frustrating. Can someone help - pleeeease???


Edited By Winnie the B.O.L.B on 18/06/2018 21:23:49

Thread: Friendship Swap 2016/7
16/06/2018 19:51:33

That's great Rosemary - I keep meaning to try a fleece backing but have never got round ot it yet!!

I've just read my last post above yours - and realised that I never posted the promised pics of my quilt for my village friend. I will look for some and let you see them asap. My friend - and her family - loved the quilt and I made her a couple of cushion covers with the extra blocks left over from making the actual quilt.

Margaret/Winnie xx

Thread: Chat
15/06/2018 22:11:55

Oh Claire - a rough time is the understatement of the year for what you and your family have been going through. You've been very courageous and I think you've been the "shoulder to lean on" by the sound of it. The Forum has been a bit on the deserted side all round so it's lovely to see you back for all sorts of reasons.

Looking forward to seeing your cheery chat again.

Take care

Margaret/Winnie xx

15/06/2018 17:02:29

Thanks Jayne - you're a star, as always! I don't think I can call 0344 numbers from over here in the Dordogne - I'll give it a try but I can certainly send an email - will do so later. I'll keep you posted.

Margaret xxx

Edited By Winnie the B.O.L.B on 15/06/2018 17:03:36

15/06/2018 16:56:32

Hi Jayne - thank you for your efforts on Sylvia's and my behalf. It is very frustrating to say the least especially when, in addition, I suddenly have ot start "logging in" every time I try to come on to the Forum - and I can't find out how to cure it!!!angrycrying

I haven't heard back from Joanna as yet but let's hope she has a solution.

Margaret xx

14/06/2018 16:23:01

Thanks Joanna - look forward to hearing from you.

Margaret/Winnie xx

Thread: Hello + newbie question! :)
14/06/2018 16:20:16

Hi Gabriel,

Welcome to the Forum - we're a friendly bunch.

I'm not sure about exact figures but when I was making some things at home - for sale - and doing some soft furnishings sewing too - a good friend who was a senior tax inspector(!!) told me that, as Margaret S said, by the time I had claimed everything I was allowed to, I would probably show a LOSS on paper!!! Look into all of it - travelling expenses to buy supplies, petrol and running costs for your car, part running expenses for the house (heating, electricity etc), deterioration of your machine and all your sewing equipment, the need to have a second one as back up etc etc etc - that is only a very small beginning. I really don't think you have anything at all to worry about - just make sure you have every receipt under the sun - don't screw up anything and throw it in the bin. Eileen's advice about ringing the tax office and noting down who you speak to is probably very good.

Lots of luck and make sure oyu have fun too!

Margaret/Winnie xx

Thread: Chat
14/06/2018 16:06:18

Hi Sylvia - I just did the same thing to look at the Magazine section and got the same message as you did. My subscription is still valid - until August anyhow - and this is ridiculous. It makes it even less likely that I will renew.

I haven't got a clue where my "original" confirmation letter is - from many years ago - so I couldn't enter the number they are asking for. I've never had to before, so never thought about it.

Margaret/Winnie xx

Edited By Winnie the B.O.L.B on 14/06/2018 16:08:10

14/06/2018 13:33:21

I echo Sylvia, Pam - what totally rotten luck - I hope it goes well for you - you're always the first to think about the rest of us. Sending you huge hugs and thinking about you.

Margaret/Winnie xxx

19/05/2018 18:33:34

Hi Rosemary,

I know exactly what you mean about diminishing bank accounts!!! Mine was playing very silly games recently! However, it is now back on track so I'm happy to send you a Lend with Care donation via PayPal - it's a really good job that that do through our donations. I'll put £10 on to - will let you know about a wee wooden charm later but just for when you are sending something else over here.

Hope you had a good holiday.


Winnie/Margaret xx

16/05/2018 07:20:53

We'll all be thinking about you, Pam - all the very best of "everything" for your stay in hospital. Keep us posted with how you are as soon as you feel up to it.

Look after yourself.


Margaret/Winnie xxx

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