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Thread: Chat
10/05/2019 18:00:07

Just realised that I WAS looking in the wrong place!!! Off to search for the right place!!!

Margaret/Winnie x

10/05/2019 17:57:49

Hi Rosemary - just had a look as you suggested but I'm not sure if I am looking at the right info! Only name I saw that might be possible was "Chris" - but I don't know "our" Chris's surname!!

Margaret/Winnie x

20/04/2019 22:18:55

And we thought it was a good idea to leave our sun terrace parasols behind us in the Dordogne!!! We actually had to take shade in the house up here in Edinburgh!!!!

Hope you all had your sun screen at the ready!

Winnie/Margaret xx

17/03/2019 23:04:14

Margaret S - I completely agree with you - sore fingers and screaming point don't have a look in! Normally I would have done just that but, as that kind of luck so often has it, my backing was a particularly pretty fabric, chosen after much deliberation and thought (and I had no more) so I was really reluctant to hide it!!!

Hope DH is feeling even better tonight - and even more so by tomorrow morning.

Eileen - first of all - I'll send you virtual good luck with your scan tomorrow - just remind yourself how wonderful your first meal will be when your fast is finished!! As for "frog stitch" - no ignorance involved on your part - it's one of these "daft" expressions used by quilters like me who do lots of unpicking - the relevance is the sound made by frogs - ripit, ripit, ripit - try saying it out loud!

Rosemary and Eileen - any advice to give me re the spray baste - I just don't know what happened on such a relatively small item?

Margaret/Winnie xx

17/03/2019 19:08:26

Talking about time spent at the sewing machine etc! I spent quite a bit of time yesterday doing FMQ on the wee quilt that I made at the FMQ class I was at on Sunday. It is my beginning at that quilting and I had done all the preparation, sample blocks etc so thought I was ready to go - so, off I went. If you do FMQ, you'll know you are advised to stop as little as possible so I tried to be a good girl and did exactly that. I only had the centre "strip" to do today. All well so far!!

This afternoon I went up to my sewing room intending to complete my first effort! Yes, well - I turned it over just to have a look and to my horror, there were two great big "pleats/folds" in the backing fabric!! - I really mean folds - not just little tucks. I had spray basted it - my first time using that too.- and I think I hadn't done it securely and evenly enough and it had shifted! It honestly was too bad to leave it so I spent the whole of this afternoon "frog stitching" it all (28" x 28" - so not as bad as it could have been but I had used "loopy meander" so it was fairly intense!!

Oh well, that's life!

Margaret/Winnie xx

17/03/2019 18:56:08

I hope you get better asap. Colds are such lousy things - they seem to take over your whole body!! Wish your DH a "get better soon" from me.

Margaret/Winnie xx

17/03/2019 18:52:41

The design is very pretty, Rosemary; great to have something nice that can be done in a short space of time. What is the design called?

Margaret/Winnie xx

14/03/2019 08:18:18

Not sure why "I" am so bold and large - didn't think my "return: was all that important!!

Margaret/Winnie x

14/03/2019 08:17:00

Hi Brenda,

My first time back on here for a long while - chaotic life to blame. However, my favourite gadget is my “special” unpicker which is a fairly standard one EXCEPT for the “rubberry” end which is for rubbing on your unpicked seam line and it lifts all of the unpicked threads away. Magic and I wouldn’t be without it now. Hope your quilt day goes well.
31/12/2018 20:43:30

Thank you for your kind thought Margaret - they makke me feel "warm all over" for my - and your - start to 2019.

Winne xx

31/12/2018 19:01:09

Thank you, Sylvia ,for your Happy New Year wishes - very much appreciated up here in the home of Hogmanay and Auld Lang Syne.

For those of you who know me a wee bit more closely, can I tell you that my fantastic New Year "wish" was a letter just today, with an appointment, 1st February, wit the epilepsy consultant my GP and I had be desperately hoping for. So my somewhat rotten 2018 is coming in as a yippee! 2019 New Year !!!!!!

A very Happy New Year to all my friends - new and old - on this lovely Patchwork friends" group

Love Margaret/Winnie xxx

27/12/2018 17:03:25

Hello Rosemary - you were thoughtful enough to give me the sad news about Sheila on the phone this morning as I had met her both at FOQ and also at your own home. She was a lovely lady and I am very sad for her husband and family. A difficult time for you too - I know she was a very good friend of yours.

A tragic end to a "young" life.

Margaret/Winnie xx

22/12/2018 18:59:20

Thank you Maria for thinking of us - my good wishes for a Happy Festive Season for you too; and to everyone else of course!!!


Margaret/Winnie xxx

Thread: Christmas Challenge....make a Christmas stocking for charity.
22/12/2018 13:06:43

What a difficult job - they're all lovely - and the effort put in is even more important - I just can't do it right now - maybe in 2019!


First - 6

Second - 2

Third - 4

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2019 to everyone

Margaret/Winnie xx

Thread: Chat
28/11/2018 16:25:07

I did actually order them from China way back - in France - to make extra sure that we were protecting the Mayor's posh table when we were having our weekly group - I bought it, not realising I could lay fully switched on irons down on them!! It was never used the way I am now using it!! Your Secret Santa was definitely being just a wee bitty mean - hope they are the same quality but probably are - how do they do it from China, including, so often, P&P in the tiny prices!!

Happy pressing!

Margaret/Winnie xx

26/11/2018 16:33:09

Hi Margaret

I got mine from "that well known website" - I paid £4.50 for mine (P&P free) but it did come within 2 days delivery from the UK!!! It is the same red " bubble material" that they use to make these magical baking tins etc these days - Rosemary made me realise that when I was trying to describe it to her over the phone - so that is why they can take the intense heat from the iron as well.

It is great because it solves 2 problems for me.

1) My sense of balance/stability is very poor and I am always worrying about overbalancing the iron if I have it standing up on its heel.

2) It is time consuming/"tiring" to have to lift the iron constantly between horizontal and vertical.

I use my little travel iron beside my sewing machine and just to lay the wee iron back down each time as I shift a piece of fabric or something rather than have to get it vertical again etc etc - it is so much more relaxing and it truly doesn't burn/melt - or do anything else horrible. I have also tried it out with my "full-sized" iron, doing exactly the same thing and I am thrilled with it.

Hope I've made sense - not in top communicating form recently - speech patterns can be iffy!!


29/09/2018 23:44:42

Not "chatting" much folks - in the middle of a French/Edinburgh removal - exhausting and chaotic - not to be recommended if it can be avoided!!

I am reading here as often as poss so not out of touch completely. Will get back into the frame once and for all in the not too distant future - I am so hoping that this move will help my health back to a semi normality.

Margaret/Winnie xxxx

22/09/2018 12:51:57

Super news , Eileen - keep on getting better and, of course, happy quilting.

My removal guys are here to take all our worldly goods back from this wee corner of South West France to Edinburgh (my home city) so I have just had to say "goodbye" - albeit temporarily - to my sewing machine and all my equipment and fabric (withdrawal symptoms big time) - ouch, ouch - ouch!! It won't arrive back in Edinburgh till the end of the first week in October so this is a very difficult experience!

Rosemary - was your holiday ruined by that freak bad weather? I hope not. DH and I were thinking of you as we watched the British weather reports.


Margaret/Winnie xxx

Thread: Friendship Swap 2016/7
17/09/2018 16:18:09

Reenie - lovely to hear from you - thank you. I hope life is treating you well. The removal men arrive on Wednesday!!!!!!!!! I will be back "home" in the first week in October - to the same house as before so maybe we can meet for a coffee once again?

Would I be right in thinking that you gave me the pattern for the "onese,twose" block - I have been working on it recently as I can do it even when I have my "fuzzy brain" syndrome!! If it wasn't you, my apologies.


Margaret xxx

17/09/2018 16:12:36

Beryl - thank you for thinking of me - your kind thoughts are lovely to read.

Big Hugs

Margaret/Winnie xxxx

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