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Thread: Chat
16/01/2022 10:00:27

Morning all. Just read Reenie's list of suggestions and think lots of them are extremely sensible and useful. I particularly like the pincushions which I forgot - my choice is the wrist type. Magnetic pin dishes are very useful as are finger and thumb protectors - OUCH! Binding clips would be an encouragement to novices as well as a joy to use for the more experienced quilters - I have them and love them. All the other things are definitely lovely "extras' for all of us doing quilting/patchwork and could be very welcome items for established quilters who would surely form part of her customer base.



15/01/2022 21:02:18

Like Margaret S, I think books from a shop are not such a likely purchase these days as they are much cheaper on-line.

I did actually mean a wee 6" x 1" clear ruler - a mini "cutting" one - I just keep it beside my machine and use it to check that my s/a is a 1/4" if I'm in any doubt. I don't use it for cutting as it is too small for safety, leaving fingers too near to blades!!! I never thought of using the "add-a-1/4" rulers to do that at the machine. Must give that a try.

How about Spray Baste as I find that most new quilters - and old ones too!! - are very nervous about layering up their completed tops - hence the shelves/drawers full of UFO unquilted tops!!

Glue pen sounds great Margaret. I agree about the 241/2" x 81/2" ruler - that extra 21/2' make sit that wee bit more flexible. Santa gave me one last year too.


Winne xx

15/01/2022 09:49:20

Hi Rosemary - maybe obvious but -

For me, the following are essentials

Rotary cutters, blades, rulers and cutting mats - check that cutters are suitable for left as well as right-handed users.

Unfortunately - unpickers.

GLASS headed pins

Erasable fabric markers - I prefer the heat erasable kind but perhaps you can advise her on that.

VERY useful -

Thread snips

Small 6" x !" ruler for checking 1/4" seam allowance

COTTON thread

I know there a dozens f other things but I've just noted my thoughts.


24/12/2021 22:57:23

You must have been given "endless patience" as well as talent in your Christmas stocking one year. Have a safe and Happy Christmas and New Year.


Margaret xx

02/12/2021 18:34:15

Whatever you do, don’t worry for a moment about the calendars. It’s great that you’ve done it for us for all those of already. Thank you and get well soon. Xx

25/10/2021 11:13:01

What a lovely quilt, Sylvia and what a really kind gesture to give it to someone who would really feel the beauty of it both physically, for warmth and for the gift itself.

I joined the Edinburgh branch of the Linus organisation which makes special quilts for children in hospital - I tried to find one when I lived in France but failed. This gives all of us the chance to make "even more quilts(!!!) whilst feeling that we are making a difference to a wee one's life - oh and, regardless of the fact that we are encouraged to make them from our stash, it also gives us a good excuse to buy "just that one more piece of fabric- or 2 or 3 or 4 etc" It is for a good cause isn't it!!!

Seeing you in that photo with all that gorgeous sunshine reminds me of the one very big thing that I miss about having had to come back to Scotland, is the wonderful climate in South West France.!

Take care and more happy sewing.


Edited By Winnie the B.O.L.B on 25/10/2021 11:14:18

26/06/2021 13:09:19

I'm not on line so often these days but it's good to see some of the "old"(!!??) familiar names when I am here.

Brenda - just seen the horrible news about the Covid situation in Sydney. I do so hope that doesn't affect your travel plans. I have to admit that Australian geography isn't my strongest suit!!!

Hope you have a lovely time.

10/04/2021 07:35:34

What a fabulous wee quilt Brenda - really beautifully made. You are so right about moving house when you are are able to rather than when you HAVE to. We came back to Edinburgh from South West France 2 years ago because of my stupid epilepsy - we decided to do it then for exactly your reasons - all our friends over there said to us, very firmly - go NOW when you have a choice - don't wait until you haven't.Good luck with the actual job of packing up. On the funny side - the company came to give us an estimate for the move, I was out ; when I came home, my husband said that he thought the quote was really good. Then I asked what did he think about all of my fabric and Eric sreplied "oh, I forgot to show him your sewing room - in attic) and we asked to guy to come back. When he saw my room, the quote went up by 25%!!!! Honestly!

Nuff said"- I've never been allowed to forget it.

Edited By Winnie the B.O.L.B on 10/04/2021 07:37:23

08/04/2021 13:59:57

Oh Sylvia - I was so glad to read your reply to Eileen's post; I was feeling somewhat guilty having had exactly the same thoughts as you a couple of days ago - not being 21 anymore (73 in fact), I was lying in bed trying to think of who would want ALL of my vast hoard of fabric and got as far as trying to make a list in my head and asking myself if they lived near enough to me to want to come and choose some - or all- of it. I will now try to follow your advice and stop indulging in sin of which we are all guilty - being unable to use our favourite fabrics as then they will no longer be there for that perfect project!!!

Margaret/Winnie xx

02/03/2021 13:29:03

You're very welcome Rosemary. Just let me know if you need to.

Margaret xx

01/03/2021 19:34:35

That sounds like a pretty good idea, Eileen - could well work out really well .

Also, Rosemary, I have a lot of 1" strips which I have used in the past to make patches with ½' finished size. So, if you would like me to, I could make you a wee 7" (or smaller) block with these. My schoolgirl maths tells me that there would be 49 squares in a 7" "quilt". If you'd like that, I'd be happy to make it; one less thing on your plate! I can promise you that my matching seams are really neat - honest! You just need to tell me what sort of colours/style you fancy. No problem if you don't like the idea either - no offence taken!!!!

Margaret/Winnie the B.O.L.B xx

18/02/2021 12:58:49

Like Eileen and Rosemary, that sounds really great - I have often wished a long arm was a possibility for me but the current ones no matter how "small" were just not practical for me. However, the one Margaret S is talking about sounds feasible so any further info would be very welcome.

Thanks Margaret

06/11/2020 12:52:37

Yes Sylvia - all 3 of them that I saw have a different angle in the same vein -dodgy licences, passports, loans etc etc.

05/11/2020 22:16:39

Yes, Sylvia and Rosemary - I've just seen that "they" have been posting since way back in April. Very dodgy looking threads indeed. I've counted 3 in total - there may well be more. I'm sure they won't have caught any of our "group" but I really hope they haven't sucked in any one on the "fringes" of the site. Well done for noticing it Sylvia.

Winnie the B.O.L.B aka Margaret xx

Thread: Friendship Swap 2016/7
18/07/2020 19:56:54

it's really lovely Rosemary - I know how fond you were of Sheila and this is a wonderful way to remember her. A special "thank you" to Sarah for her beautiful label - and the thoughts behind it.


Thread: Chat
13/07/2020 17:03:53

Get well soon, Maria - know what you mean about lack of enthusiasm - I get like that after a bad bout of seizures - but the "oomph" does come back!!

Winnie/ Margaret

13/07/2020 15:58:11

That's gorgeous Rosemary - I have a couple of "these" but this puts mine completely in the shade - in fact they can't even be called "the same thing". Well done that girl.


22/06/2020 18:42:02

Really pleased to hear it, Sylvia. Without our machines, we are no use to man nor beast!!!!

Winnie/Margaret xx

20/06/2020 18:16:46

I have to "admit" to being very careful about this - even more especially since I bought my present machine which is a kinda expensive Bernina! I clean it superficially - thread guides, bobbin case, throat plate etc, every week - more often when I am working with "fluffy" fabrics. I clean/oil (tiny amount) the whole thing including the innards, once a month.

It is incredible how much fluff and lint gathers in such a short space of time. I bought a can of "dust buster" spray when I bought my latest machine and it gets into the smallest of nooks and crannies and it is amazing how much blows out from even there.

I don't mean to sound superior about this in any way - I just have a bit of a thing about it.

Winnie/Margaret x

04/06/2020 16:41:47

How right you are, Margaret - I won't quote any examples from this house - they are too numerous to mention!!!

Rosemary - I don't log on very often these days so this is the first time I have seen several of those gorgeous pieces of work. - they are absolutely beautiful - understatement of the year, in fact.

Winnie/Margaret xx

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