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Thread: Congratulations to Bridget and Barnaby, and welcome to Marlowe
10/11/2014 13:36:14

Dear Bridget and Barnaby,

Brilliant blue..... blessings

TTFN Myra - been there with a girl

Thread: Trade Aid
08/11/2014 18:00:53

Dear Rosemary,

I have a jar of 1 and 2 pennies so that can be my first contribution - I'll add the total into the calendar cheque.

Bye, M

Thread: Christmas swap for slightly older people
08/11/2014 17:56:56

Dear Rosemary,

I'll join in this - my choice is a quilty - but I'll aim for 20 cm?.... I prefer more traditional decorations.

I've noted the posting date - Monday 15th ....


Thread: ATC SWAP 2014
08/11/2014 07:57:42

Dear Claire,

I did post a thanks yesterday but obviously now I look for my post - didn't actually click on post?!?!

I typed that the blue bird seemed to speak to me - not that it's a dipper?!??? Parrot maybe is a blue bird?

PS. Oh, a kingfisher too?

I've just spent about an hour designing a cushion cover/quiltlet based on a cushion I saw in September at Eyam Hall. The NT are opening it on behalf of the owner for a 3 year period? It uses 72 shapes, 6 triangles and 66 diamonds - or 66 diamonds and half-triangles as one of my thoughts came to me..........?

I find living in a semi after being in a detached (or visiting Mum in her detached) stifling when I'm awake at silly O'clock...... But I'm finding better ways to deal with this situation

When I'm downstairs I'll scan my sketch (that's hard to type!) and include it in another post.

I've also decided what my space ATC might look like - just got to gather resources and make it now...... watch this space for progress (Cymbal ding!)

I think it's heading to Maria - but if I look i'll loose this post so ????

Well, I think I'm really rambling in my thoughts now so I'll check who my ATC is heading to and listen for my alarm set for 8 am - a Sea Cadet parade at Willow Grove Burial Ground in Stockport - and then on Sunday another parade from the Armoury to the Art Gallery for Remembrance. (Yes, it is parade season in Sea Cadets not boating, though she was on Budworth Mere yesterday with college - took about 4/5 hours to warm her up/make her feel warm when she got home!!!)

TTFN Myra in bed

Edited By Myra of Cheadle on 08/11/2014 07:58:44

Thread: PP Calendar for 2015
07/11/2014 16:23:39

Dear Rosemary,

I missed the Thursday deadline - how much is a calendar now and I'll pm my current address.... The drain for the kitchen sink and washing machine was blocked - that was Thursday's cheque. Good job it was at there is heavy rain today - flowing through the unblocked drain I hope but I've not had a look out of the back door. rainbow



Thread: ATC SWAP 2014
06/11/2014 17:17:55

Dear Claire Bear,

Postie knocked on the door this am and a beautifully written envelope was passed to me - he obeyed the Do not bend! The other post was 2 items form the National Autistic Society - the winter newsletter and an appeal for money!

As I've metioned on Meg's thread my tablet's misbehaving so the laptop is out - but the photo of your ATC is on my tablet - so I can't upload it... It'll work another day - or if you took one before it left and can add it that's great.

Despite your message of yesterday I didn't expect that size envelope for an ATC.... so had the surprise of ooh, what's this for me? (Not a squishy!) But a beautiful bear from Claire Bear.

Had a drain man today - kitchen sink / washing machine drain blocked - now fixed. Then after ringing for him to come I noticed it was rather cold, boiler not working..... Rang the nearest Central Heating - for the village and they were driving along the main road - arrived in under 5 mins, pressed reset - which I'd done and it worked - no charge - will call them again!

Love your animal postcard too - is there a human in the top right corner as chauffer?


Thread: Did you teach yourself? What resources did you use?
06/11/2014 17:04:54

Dear Meg,

I'll add my experiences now. I bought a £4.99 book now longer in print and found it great. I bought the Quilter's Bible last Summer while in Oban - dd (darling daughter) was on TS Royalist so I had to chauffer her and another caret from Cheshire to Scotland - while they were offshore I spent 2 nights B&B in Oban and 4 in Largs (West Highland Boat Week began so that decided the day I did that drive) Really enjoyed. BAck on track I started for my Duke of Edinburgh award and had "wanted a go" from seeing suggestions in my Guide Handbook - see my out of date profile pick; I'm no longer involved in Guiding.

BUT - patchwork was using old shirts and sheets, Make do and mend, flour sacks in the USA so a flour mill make them flowery too in the depression. Don't always rush to get everything but reflect on how much time and money you have - we may want more but may not actually need it now.

My memory is of Mum dressmaking on the table still in our dining room with the sharp scissors - not the same sound with a rotary cutter - but yes, much quicker and more accurate. I'm a newbie at a local group and have used a rotary cutter with the ruler attached - rather more like a papercutter so the two items stay togater - but that's £50 ish and if I unpack more boxes my rotary cutter is in one of them - so I'm with my fabric scissors at home.

I'll conclude my "essay" on the laptop - my tablet not behaving with PP website today


Thread: PP Calendar for 2015
05/11/2014 15:55:00

Dear Rosemary,

I would like just one calendar this year - I'll dig the cheque book out tomorrow.


Thread: Trade Aid
05/11/2014 15:53:32

Dear Rosemary,

That's a lovely quilt, Rosemary - it looks a little like some hug heart inspiration has influenced the design?

I'd like to be involved in some way - perhaps my accounting qualification could contribute in some way (not sure how, though, yet!)

Must add this to my threads too



Thread: Winnie's Village Quilt
31/10/2014 17:25:05

Dear Winnie, I am following this thread now. TTFN Myra

Thread: ATC SWAP 2014
30/10/2014 22:58:30

Dear Thimble, Count me in for space.. not sure what to do yet, though? TTFN Myra

Thread: Chat
25/09/2014 08:37:21


My first foundation pieced block. No prizes for spotting the 2nd block where I mixed up the colours.


Edited By Myra of Cheadle on 25/09/2014 08:37:55

25/09/2014 08:29:58

Thank you very much for the 15 birthday greetings. I came home after lunch to the first few and cheered me up Even better, I finished my trial Miss Molly's Garden block. I will add a picture later. Hopefully I will manage Glenda's block over the weekend. TTFN Myra

24/09/2014 10:46:37

Dear Kim, Good to hear things are better.

Dear Maria,

I'm with you on that - my autistic dd has gone on a residential with college this morning - I suggested she didn't pack the second toy - a knitted nurse (Nancy) by my Mum and she cried - I offered to walk with her to the bus stop - she just doesn't want to go.

Back home and I'm feeling low - it's my birthday and just one card from my brother, came yesterday and a text this morning. Dd too busy with college and when I collect her on Friday we are in a few hours before I drop her off at a Sea Cadet training weekend - she gets a lift back on Sunday Lunchtime.

My brother is coming on Sunday - we're going to dismantle a wardrobe.

I'm still trying with foundation paper piecing for the Quilt Together 2013 swap. I've done 5 squares (one is just a 4 inch plain piece) and will tackle the last 4 central squares this am - it's a nine-patch design. Then I'll need to join them and remove the paper before I tackle different colours for Glenda's block. It's on the way, Glenda, but not very quickly. You have been very patient with my moving house.

I have had problems with reversing the fabrics and getting the correct fabric in place with the paper going on the back..? Just can't get my head around it properly.

Well, got 3 fabrics and 4 paper pieces - let's see what havoc I can create


22/09/2014 15:33:43

Well done,Margaret.

Idiot of the day award. Walked to GP over the road to make an appointment, only tookcar keys to open house door. Locksmith rescued me after about 30 minutes smiley


20/09/2014 08:34:14

Dear All,

Phew, I'm exhausted reading the news from each of you - but it's lovely to read positive things.

I've gone downstairs for my laptop, read e-mails, used facebook and now can't remember what I wanted to use the laptop for? I woke too early and am impatient for dropping dd off at trampolining with a packed lunch so I can sew. She has a Drs appointment when I should (or is that could?) go to patchwork group on Tuesday.

When we are in Patchfinders (near the Health Centre!) after the doctors dd will chose the fabric to bind her new quilt. It's Winnie the Pooh fabric (cot panels - she's 18 years not months!) and some green/blue/brown fabric she chose at FOQ in 2009 (I think!) The current favourite is brown dimples for the edge but who knows what she'll chose in a shop full of fabric? This quilt has been in planning 5 years - it might be finished this year?

TTFN , I'll get back to thinking what I wanted to do on the laptop.....


Thread: ATC SWAP 2014
20/09/2014 08:23:42

Dear Diane,

As I was making the trees to "grow" the apples I thought I could use beads - but red thread and French knots were easier since I don't have any red seed beads but had thread. However, my French knotting skill had left (I think it's been there before?, perhaps it's with Winnie's group in France while she's in the USA) I was just impatient to manage to put apples on the trees.

However, that's me seeing the problems and not you imagining something really nice. I'm listening to Adrian Plass (et al) Photographs of home CD in bed and in his book "Broken Windows, Broken Lives" he describes a child who goes to a copse of trees each morning to hug and greet them. He worked as a housefather in a residential home for 'Malajusted Boys' and it's a fictional account of experiences there.

DD is trampolining today with Youth Club - she needs a packed lunch - but then I can tackle some sewing.


19/09/2014 15:47:36

Ooh Maria, Well Done. TTFN Myra

18/09/2014 16:35:47

Dear Diane,

Have a look on the chat thread - a discovery made in the shed when we moved house in January.

My ATC's are more unique than most as they are hand sewn and not stiffened - I have never bought the correct stuff to put between my layers.

I remember learning on a hand-cranked machine at junior school - well after the binca in infants. Mum's Pfaff machine didn't move house with us, the power cable connection broke and the cabinet it was in was old but I still have the machine I was bought for my 21st (a singer) and a John Lewis portable for taking to Village Stichers (When I pluck up the courage!)

Here is my August apple trees for Irene - I'm not sure if she's in Kent or Switzerland so I include a photo.


Well, the rest of the washing up needs doing so I'll log off now


Thread: Chat
18/09/2014 16:28:40

Dear all,

A while ago I posted a picture taken on my phone but phone and computer wouldn't transfer the next photo. Anyway, I tried again earlier this week and now have phone photos on the laptop but no longer on the phone! ?

This photo shows what I found in a box in the shed at our new house (It will be 8 months since we moved on Wednesday - also my birthday )


It will need electrically checking as the shed is fairly dry rather than dry but I'm pleased to have found it.


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